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  • Turned @brcien into Duke from G. I. Joes
  • Would any Pokémon cover the topic of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventures
  • @Ranshi922 How about we cover all of Pokemon by just saying Pokemon since theres a ton of it? :) ill add it to the schedule right now.
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    @Ranshi922 updated the schedule. Pokemon's been added to the playoffs! Submit as much as you wish during the summer, theres 10 spots available for the playoffs. Beginning of september, i judge the summers entries and determine who makes it to the playoffs. So even if you submit 1 card all summer, you still got a shot at qualifying! But the less you submit the harder it will be to qualify so make sure your card(s) are the best you can make them to be! :)
  • how do i submit it?
  • the topic? thats what you meant... right?
  • Go look at the schedule @Ranshi922! :) post your cartoon(s) request here (like you did with pokemon). Its that easy.

    Post your entries like you do any other contest too. Just look see what week we are in and see what you can choose from for that week.
  • @sorinjace, are you saying you already updated it adding pokemon? (I dont really have time to check at the moment.)
  • Yes its in the playoffs.

    This week until july 14th is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I.Joe, Hong Kong Fuey, Mucha Lucha, Spider-Man, Tales Spin. Anything that would fall under these cartoons that you submit are allowed. Submit whenever you wish, but for these you only have until the 14th (and 2nd chance week. again, look when you get a chance @Ranshi922.)
  • weekly there are 3 new cartoons to be covered, just keep coming back to check them out. @Ranshi922.
  • Ok, @sorinjace! I already have Darkrai under my belt! I will get onto the reason my user is what it is! Heatran!
  • lol ok then. can't wait to see what cards you create!
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    Alright guys until the 21st of July the cartoons to make cards for is Transformers (suggested by @Lastjustice) Powerpuff Girl (suggested by @brcien) X-Men (suggested by @saveria201) please get your creative and awesome cards dropped in this week! Thank you to all who had time the past two weeks to drop anything. Since there was so few in the last two weeks I will favorite those entries as a thank you for your entry and I will grant you a toon credit (a favorite basically) for each entry you submitted during that time. Thanks again much love guys. Hope your summer is going well to all of you!
  • Yeah i gotta make some cards this week. It's actually something I've been planning to do just happens overlap with this. You will see what I mean when it happens.
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    Nobody has made a single card for these guys for the contest yet? C'mon, it's the X-Men! There is a plethora of possibilities here. (And Deadpool is NOT an X-Men, let me make that clear... please try to make an x-men character or the mansion or the jet, or cerebro, as equipment, etc. etc.)

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    For this week... with Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup I have chosen the Powerpuff Girls.


    Trio. made by @fullmetalryuzaki
  • @Lastjustice I'm interested in what your talking about! @Dechujoh64 that's a cool concept the trio mechanic!
  • Transformers:



    And Slaps...?

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    Powerpuff Girls

    I wasn't going to post this one, but the hashtag reminded me of @KalamMekhar's contest: Haters Gonna Hate!


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    schedule has been updated!
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    **Another announcement** Due to the recent purging of my cards and my favorites I did recently, I have gone back and refavored every single submission to this contest as promised during the duration of this event. It has been a slow process getting back to where I need to be at with my favorites but I am almost there. Thank you for your patience guys, and I hope to see some submissions asap from @saveria201 and @Lastjustice and @brcien and @Ranshi922, just to name a few!! I also took the time to create a set folder for the memories, all the cards created for this contest will be in this set folder regardless if it's creator goes to the playoffs at the end of the contest or not!

    Mega thank yous for anyone who has been with me thus far during a long summer. We are approaching the middle of summer so lets keep up with the awesome entries when you got time! Stay cool out there if it's really hot where you are.
  • My favorite x-men team member....

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    Spotlight! (This does not count as an entry unless @MrCReepy would like to submit it, then I will allow it! If you are reading this @MrCReapy, just tag me in here with a comment saying you would like it submitted, old or new cards are allowed here. If I don't have that in the original rules, I am saying it now.)

    Wolverine for X-MEN by @MrCReepy:
  • When are the shows not included in the summer playoff going to happen. (I am asking bc Pokemon is on that list.)
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    @Ranshi922 the playoffs are scheduled to begin starting the 2nd week of September and it will conclude at the speed of cardsmith entries in the playoffs. You have to qualify for the playoffs, cards will be judged from the summer during week 1 of september, and the best of the best get to face off with each other in the playoffs. it's almost similar to @jpastor's wanna play a game? Contest match up, the playoffs will be for cardsmiths that have dropped entries and the entries was solid enough to land them in the playoffs. I will go over playoff rules when the time comes, that time isn't here yet. But enough chatting, i want to see your cards for this week's cartoons dude! Lol at this point you havent even dropped 1. Even if you dropped just 1 all summer you still got a shot at nabbing a spot in the playoffs, depends how good your card is.
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    Sweet @Ranshi922. When will you create a card for this contest? :) (I mean, at least obviously before the beginning of September.)
  • Summer Cartoons Challenge Schedule:

    If a username appears next to a cartoon its because they requested for it.

    Week 1: June 5th 2018 to June 10th 2018:

    Masters of the Universe @sorinjace
    The Simpsons @sorinjace
    Animaniacs @sorinjace

    week 1, 1st place - @Lastjustice 3 toon credits faved
    week 1, 2nd place - @TemurGideon 2 toon credits faved
    week 1, 3rd place - @Scott_Anderson 1 toon credit faved

    Week 2: June 11th 2018 to June 17th 2018:

    Swat Kats @TemurGideon
    Darkwing Duck @sorinjace
    Scooby-Doo! @Aryanf

    week 2, 1st place - @TemurGideon 3 toon credits faved
    week 2, 2nd place and 3rd place tied!! - @JoeMoose and @Ragamander 2 toon credits to each cardsmith faved

    1st place 3 toon credits = 3 faves
    2nd place 2 toon credits = 2 faves
    3rd place 1 toon credit = 1 fave

    Week 3: June 18th to June 24th 2018:

    Batman @sorinjace
    Thundercats @sorinjace
    Fat Albert @Scott_Anderson

    week 3, 1st place @bnew07 3 'toon' credits faved
    week 3, 2nd place @Dechujoh64 2 'toon' credits faved
    week 3, 3rd place @JoeMoose 1 'toon' credit faved

    Week 4: June 25th to June 30th 2018:

    Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers @saveria201
    Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy @brcien
    The Super Globetrotters @Scott_Anderson


    Week 4 @Aryanf 1st place 4 'toon' credits
    Week4 @saveria201 2nd place 3 'toon' credits
    Week 4 @Scott_Anderson 3rd place 2 'toon' credits

    Week 5 & 6: July 1st to July 14th 2018 (extended due to lack of entries and i hadnt had time to update this! So sorry! :)

    Hong Kong Fuey @Scott_Anderson
    G.I. Joe @sorinjace
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles @sorinjace
    Mucha Lucha @brcien
    Spider-Man @sorinjace
    Tales Spin @saveria201

    These two weeks i have merged together for slipping a little that was my bad! Extra faves to top 3 placers during this period! :)


    Week 5 & 6 @KrampisZman 1st place 3 'toon' credits +BONUS 2 'toon' credits
    Week 5 & 6 @Dechujoh64 2nd place 2 'toon' credits +BONUS 2 'toon' credits

    Week 7: July 15th 2018 to July 21st 2018:

    Transformers @Lastjustice
    Powerpuff Girls @brcien
    X-Men @saveria201


    Week 7 @Dechujoh64 1st place 3 'toon' credits
    Week 7 @saveria201 2nd place 2 'toon' credits

    Week 8: July 22nd to July 26th 2018:

    The Real Ghostbusters @sorinjace
    Gravity Falls @sorinjace
    Teen Titans Go! @KrampisZman

    Week 9: July 27th to July 31st 2018:

    2nd chance week. During 2nd chance week Cardsmiths can if they missed it 1st time around submit entries this period for any cartoon thats already been covered. Extra rewards in 2nd chance weeks for cardsmiths who've already been involved in the contest by this point that submit more entries to already covered cartoons! (So if youd like another chance at say Masters of the Universe for example this is the time you got to do that!)

    Week 10: August 1st to August 4th 2018:

    Dungeons and Dragons @TemurGideon
    Ben 10 @TemurGideon
    Spongebob Squarepants @KrampisZman

    Week 11: August 5th 2018 to August 11th 2018:

    Alvin and the Chipmunks @sorinjace
    Beetlejuice @sorinjace
    South Park @KrampisZman

    Week 12: August 12th 2018 to August 18th 2018:

    Tiny Tune Adventures @Dechujoh64
    Steven Universe @Aryanf
    Adventure Time @Aryanf

    Week 13: August 19th 2018 to August 25th 2018:

    Samurai Jack @Dechujoh64
    Inspector Gadget @sorinjace
    Arthur @sorinjace

    Week 14: August 26th 2018 to August 31st 2018:

    LAST CHANCE week! This is your final chance to submit entries for any and all cartoons already covered for this contest. Cardsmiths entering submissions on already covered cartoons will get extra points for entries.

    At this point, during the 1st week of September, I will take that time to have the cards all throughout the summer be judged, and the SUMMER CARTOON CHALLENGE WILL HAVE ENDED, AND THE JUDGING FOR THE PLAYOFFS WILL COMMENCE.

    First week of September there will be a judging period to determine who placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th. These will be the slots open for the playoffs. No Honorable mentions this time. This is your final chance to make the cut to be in the playoffs!

    ***All cards will be judged during the 1st week of September. Until then, no one places. The 'toon' points are my way of saying thank you for taking the time to check out a fun and out there contest. It's easy to get 'toon' points. All you have to do is drop entries like crazy during a week/period. The cardsmith with the most submissions for that period gets 3 'toon' points, the 2nd most entries will get 2 'toon' points, and the 3rd most entries will get 1 'toon' point. Best of all, EVERY entry I am favoriting, so you can use your 'toon' points on other cards you would like to see get more favorites on.***

    The rest of September is playoffs month to all the zaniest most active cartoon fanatic cardsmiths of the summer cartoon challenge. If you qualify for the playoffs you are in for extra chances at prizes in this period. All will be revealed in September, stay tuned! At the end of September we wrap up this Contest discussion. Prizes will be awesome, not going to reveal them yet but no matter where you are there is something for everyone, even if your not in the playoffs, You still got favorites during the summer and created some awesome and fun (and maybe even funny) cards. It's a win, win!

    The cartoons slated to be included in the playoffs that are NOT covered during the summer so far are:

    The Mike Tyson Mysteries @Scott_Anderson
    The Gary Coleman Show @Scott_Anderson
    Static Shock @Scott_Anderson
    Gumbel to Gumbel: Beach Justice. @Scott_Anderson

    Freakazoid! @Dechujoh64
    Pinky and the Brain @Dechujoh64
    Codename: Kids Next Door @Dechujoh64
    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends @Dechujoh64
    Dexter's Laboratory @Dechujoh64
    Johnny Bravo @Dechujoh64
    Ed, Edd n Eddy @Dechujoh64
    Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi @Dechujoh64

    The Care Bears @saveria201
    Duck Tales @saveria201

    Beavis and Butthead @sorinjace
    Eek! The Cat @sorinjace
    Bucky O'Hare @sorinjace
    Ren and Stimpy @sorinjace
    Daria @sorinjace
    Smurfs @sorinjace
    Looney Tunes @sorinjace
    Peanuts @sorinjace

    My Little Pony @Aryanf

    Our Cartoon President @KrampisZman
    Star Trek: The Animated Series @KrampisZman
    Star Wars Rebels @KrampisZman
    Star Wars: The Clone Wars @KrampisZman
    Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Anime series @KrampisZman

    Fate/zero @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
    Fate/stay night @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
    Fate/Apocrypha @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
    Fate/Grand Order @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
    Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos

    Avatar: the Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra @Dechujoh64
    Hey Arnold @Dechujoh64

    Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego @sorinjace

    Rocko's Modern Life @TemurGideon
    Invader Zim @TemurGideon
    The Magic Schoolbus @TemurGideon

    Voltron @sorinjace
    Rugrats @sorinjace
    James Bond Jr. @sorinjace
    Garfield @sorinjace
    M.A.S.K. @sorinjace
    Muppet Babies @sorinjace
    Food Fighters @sorinjace
    Josie and the Pussycats @sorinjace
    Dennis the Menace @sorinjace

    Pokemon @Ranshi922

    American Dragon Jake Long @Aryanf
    Generator Rex @Aryanf
  • I'm going to tag a couple of cardsmiths that i believe would have interest in this contest especially for this week, hope you guys don't mind!

    @mtgbanjoman (Gravity Falls is this week)
    @KrampisZman (Teen Titans Go! is this week)
    @Lastjustice (where are ya buddy?)

    sorry I had to give a tag out, but it seems like the contest should be jumpin more than it has to me. Thank you for any entries.
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