Dununununa BATMAN!!! Challenge



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    This entry is older, but it has to be shown i found this searching old cards:

    Clayface by @Platypusburger:

  • @bnew07 , @sorinjace

    Once upon a time, I was in fact working on a whole limited set based on Batman. Unfortunately, I never finished it because my life got busy and I didn't have the time to pour through comics for good art anymore. If I ever get infinite time, I'd love to go back and finish it.

    Here's a link to the set.
  • If you ever do get that set completed @Platypusburger, you got to let us know we will check it out! :)
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    I didn't think anyone would make a card for him, and I felt like he deserved one, so here goes!

    Bonus Entry!

    Entry #5:

    Commissioner James Gordon

  • Here is a card to get some creativity flowing. Also, because he's BATMAN!

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    My First Entry, more on the way (hopefully)

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    This is a weird effect on a beefy boy. It seems meh in Standard, but there has to be a way to build around him in Modern.
  • A little over a week left, get your BATMAN cards in before its too late!
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    @bnew07 you only have this week to drop your own batman cards off in my contest. I've tried to reach you but you haven't been responsive so whats up are you going to drop any off?

    Good luck to everyone here that dropped cards off. If you want to continue to get your batman cards exposure you are welcome to drop cards off in the Summer Cartoons Challenge contest Here is the link yes I am shamelessly plugging. as @Lastjustice would say, 'heh.'



    Yeah had to use it @Lastjustice :)
  • @sorinjace sorry for the late reply I have been pretty busy this week. I am going to submit my cards today—hopefully u like them!
  • @bnew07 its all good! My contest changes the cartoons it covers weekly thats why the urgency bro thats all. didn't want you to miss out or anyone else for that matter.
  • @Sorinjace,That's why Doctor Light built him,for that exact reason. Shamelessly plugging things....or inspecting the quality of televisions, I forget which.
  • This contest is now closed for judging!
  • The Results are in....

    5th Place @TemurGideon with Victor Fries, Icy Widower [88 Points]
    This card fits Freeze to a T. Both abilities synergize well together--a little too well if truth be told. I think this card has play pattern concerns because the opponent is essentially locked out of the game if you have any way to repeatedly blink/bounce this guy. For this reason, it lost a few points but overall it was a hit. You get 1favorite of your choice.

    4th Place @Tomigon with Joker, Crime Prince of Gotham [89 points]
    This card definitely felt like The Joker. I like the element of randomness and both effects are in color pie and fit the character's MO. The only red part of the card mechanically is the randomness, and that doesn't have to necessarily be done in red so technically this card could be mono-black. I think it would have been a cleaner design if one of the random options was red and one was black. Still, you were the only one to make a successful Joker card, so props to you! You get 2 favorites of your choice.

    3rd Place @Platypusburger with Clayface [93 points]
    This card is a perfect flavor match for Clayface. He is hard to kill and can take any form that he knows (which is represented by your library). Not much to say here, you made a really strong design. You get 3favorites of your choice.

    @sorinjace Because you spotlighted this entry, I will award you 1 favorite of your choice. Thanks for sharing the Cardsmith love!

    2nd Place @ZonkoTheGreat with Bane, Liberator of Gotham [94 points]
    The protection ability matches Bane's idealogy, which is awesome. It is both a downside to the opponent and potentially a boon (their creatures won't be damaged by mass damage spells). The pump ability fits with his venom injections and corresponding strength boost. My only critique of this card is that the pump ability should not allow Bane to gain lifelink. Because he will have so much power, you will almost always choose lifelink to offset the life payment from the ability, making the life payment essentially irrelevent. Overall, awesome design--this one definitely grew on me over time. You get 4 favorites of your choice.

    1st Place @brcien with Under the Red Hood AND Solomon Grundy [95 / 96 points]
    Congratulations! Both of your entries were the top scoring ones. Under the Red Hood is a 99% flavor match for the actual story. Based on your edit, I judged it as if it were 4 CMC (which I agree is more appropriate). The only flavor fail is that both players know which creature is face-down, but there isn't a great way to avoid this mechanically.

    Solomon Grundy is also a great design. You played into a novel design space of removing counters from permanents you control which is extremely cool and make this guy an awesome build-around. Making it 7 counters is not only flavorful (For the 7 days of the week), but is enough that it is not too abusable. It also feels both black and green at the same time which is an awesome innovation for a rarely used ability. My only critique of this card is that Solomon Grundy is huge, so flavorfully he might want to be a bigger creature (5/5, 6/6). Amazing job, and because both of your entries took the top spot I will award you an extra 2 faves. You get a total of 7 favorites of your choice!

    And now to the Bonus Awards:
    1) Most Creative Design: @ZonkoTheGreat with Bane, Liberator of GothamZonko with Slippery Naiad
    2) Best Flavor: @Platypusburger with Clayface
    3) Most Novel Design: @brcien with Solomon Grundy

    You each get 1 additional favorite of your choice.

    Thank you all for participating in my challenge--there were some great entries and almost all of them were flavor wins!

    Winners, please post your favorite requests in this thread. If any cardsmith would like additional feedback on their entries, please private message me.

  • Congrats to the winners and honorable mentions.

    @bnew07 heres my fave:


    I had fun making these cards even if i didnt place XD
  • @brcien @sorinjace @Tomogon all cards faved.
    @brcien since the favorites were really 5+2+1 for three different things I think it is ok. Feel free to post 3 more if you want
  • Thanks for the award! Since I wasn't active enough to even know this contest existed, I'll bestow my prizes faves on @sorinjace , since he volunteered Clayface for entry.
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