Contest of Elfs (Closed)

Hello everyone. Welcome to a new contest. This contest will be about Mono Green Elves. Now how this will work is as of 6/9/18, Everyone that wants to be a part of this will go through multiple rounds. First round will be one week long (6/9/18-6/16/18). Second round will then be five days (6/16/18-6/21/18). Final round will be 3 days. (6/21/18-6/24/18). Time may be extended for rounds 2 and 3.

The rounds will go like this:

-First/Start round: Everyone will create 1 Elf for a mana cost 1-5 with a total of 5 Elves (One Elf for each mana cost, not 5 Elves for the same mana cost over and over.) With their being 5 people chosen to continue to the next round.

-Second round: The 5 people remaining will then create 1 enchantment with converted mana cost 5-7 based upon Elves. Only 3 people will remain.

-Last Round: The 3 people remaining will make a Planeswalker with converted mana cost 3-7 once again based upon Elves. One winner will then be chosen.

The rewards will then be:
1 (First Place). 5 Favorites and a follow
2 (Second Place). 3 Favorites
3 (Third Place). 2 Favorites

-No cards made by other people or Wizards of the Coast.
-Do not make cards very overpowered, EX: 1 mana for a 10/10.
-All cards must be mono green.


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