Whenever There's Trouble

One of my favorite metal bands, AS I LAY DYING, has recently released a single, "My Own Grave" and it has been on loop for me. The song hasn't even been out for long and it is already well over 500,000 views on youtube! I love this song, and can't wait for the rest of the album when it is released.

Their singer had gotten into trouble, and had reunited with his band AS I LAY DYING. I personally am psyched for this, not everyone is though. I believe people have the power to change and people giving people chances happens more often then people realize. That is why there still should be hope in humanity for all you that despise society (if there is anyone who does that is!)

That being said, I thought that I would make an instant or sorcery contest. All this is about is just instant or sorcery spells that deal with creatures on the battlefield, in some way shape or form. The catch is, they have to LEAVE AND COME BACK. So if you want it to be exile then return, or persist, or morbid, etc. etc. any way you would like or make a new ability, that is cool too. Extra chances of winning this contest if you make the creature(s) come back stronger in some way.

Thats it! Here is an example:



You can drop any number of entries.

You can drop only instant or sorceries. Nothing else please.

New or old cards accepted.

3rd place gets 3 favorites
2nd place gets 4 favorites
1st place gets 5 favorites and if enough entries, can choose an honorable mention. honorable mentions get their entry followed and 1 favorite of their choice.

This is a flash contest, so it will only be open for a week. Have fun and remember, happy cardsmithing! - sorinjace :)


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    Are entries like the three below where the creature doesn’t come back as a creature/is only strongly incentivized to come back allowed? I know these may be bending the rules, but I think they are within the spirit of the contest rules but want to check with you first.

  • @bnew07 Ransom is ok and so is Dictate Sanity but Lingering Ideal wouldn't make the cut because it tries to create a copy (what is the power/toughness of the copy btw?) it doesn't return the 'original' card back somehow. The other two do, but very creatively. Nice job man!!
  • @sorinjace Lingering Ideal makes an enchantment token that only has the exiled creature's abilities. The flavor is the creature is gone but their ideals remain
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    I understood that @bnew07 but it doesn't bring the actual permanent back to play in some way. That was the requirement. It's themed around Tim Lambesis's 'comeback' to the metal scene with his band, As I Lay Dying (he's their vocalist.)
  • @sorinjace gotcha that makes sense I will keep the other 2 cards as my entries
  • Cool ok thanks @bnew07. Oh hey, did you see in my Summer Cartoons Challenge contest that Batman is coming up? Would you like to take part in the fun and make your own cards for that since you are holding a contest on Batman and I dropped you some entries as well (ZonkotheGreat's are awesome btw.)
  • @sorinjace I certainly will make my entries into the Batman contest week. I am already brewing up some good ones
  • sweeeet. @bnew07 excited to see them!
  • @bnew07: I have commented on Lingering Ideal!
  • image

    Only instance of a spell doing what you asked for I've made.
  • I remember that card @Lastjustice. Its one of my favorite artworks on a custom card. Its flavorful as all hell too.
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    The link takes you to a page thats probably 6 years ago. Just bumping the contest and reminding you where the influence of this contest came from.
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