Phyrexian Perfection

Phyrexia. By far one of my favorite planes, only rivaled by Innestrad with the variations in horror they both posses... With Dominaria having showed up months ago, and no phyrexians to speak of, I've finally decided they need some more love. Not just Basic Phyrexian cards though... make something unique from the options below.

1 - Create phyrexian cards based around the 5 praetors
(This link may help -

2 - Create phyrexian cards with some form of unique, new ability

3 - Create phyrexian cards with new abilities based around the 5 praetors

You can make a total of three cards with any assortment of the choices given. And yes, you may use old cards or old abilities you made before this challenge.

If you need an example, here's one for a phyrexian praetor card, and one showing off a card using an ability I made (with two ruling cards to tell what it does).


image image

For your work, you will receive, depending on my judgement...

1st place - 4 favorites of your choice
2nd place - 3 favorites of your choice
3rd place - 2 favorites of your choice
Honorable mentions (Two shall be chosen) - 1 favorite of your choice

The end date for submissions will be July 5th. I wish you all the best of luck in spreading the Phyrexian Perfection about!



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    My custom mechanic, Compleated, capturing the flavor of Phyrexian Completion.

    EDIT: Swapped out one entry and made each creature an artifact creature for flavor reasons
  • image

    Here's my first entry.
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    Wow... just, wow. That's a great entry to see to start this off on. From the cards names to the text and that ability, this is all amazing. If you'd allow it, I may use that ability later. Would that be okay?


    Ooohhh. Nice way to shove infection spreading onto a white card, making Elish Norn proud.
  • @Shadow29870 absolutely, feel free to use it!
  • @bnew07

    Hehe, dank schoen. Will do at a later point.
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    Wow. I need to get my entries in and create 1 more... i got sidetracked sorry @Shadow29870!
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    Create a Phyrexian Card Based Around the Praetors:(entry number 1.)

  • He's a familiar to Jin-Gitaxias.
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    Create a Phyrexian Card Based Around the Praetors:(entry number 2.)

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    Create a Phyrexian Card Based Around the Praetors:(entry number 3.)

  • @sorinjace

    Oh my gosh that sends shivers down my spine, the flavor and ability. My ONLY critic thing is... why all the Gitaxis?
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    @Shadow29870 I thought about my favorite praetor (sheoldred) and my 2nd favorite (jin-gitaxias) before i got started and then thought since i started with jin-gitaxias, i should finish with 2 more cards that would work well with him. I feel hes more of a threat then sheoldred sometimes.
  • I... escuse me? You DARE to -insert rant here-
    Yah, hehe... I follow Elish Norn and Sholdred all day every day. Sholdred more than not.
  • @Shadow29870 I want to stress i like all 5 praetors. However Elish Norn Isnt so tough when your own creatures toughness is at least a 3 or higher. I like Elish Norn too but opponents not having cards? Oh ho ho Yes please. Well except hellbent players in commander (if there is any). And then being able to refill your hand with a full hand? That to me is pretty impressive. Its the dimir pride in me i suppose.
  • Yah, understandable I do suppose. Of course I was joking with my rant, but my Golgari pride shot out there. Ozhof being my secondary.
  • @Lastjustice

    That, my freind, I recognize. Won you something before and... well, might do it again. :P
  • Well the only card I've made that really sticks to what you're looking for. I don't dabble much with the phyrexian stuff. I may try come up with something else if inspiration comes to me.
  • Hehe, understandable. I will say, for insperation, look for 'getting to know the praetors', helped me plenty. Anything preist-y or cult like could do well. :3
  • Awe man! Jk @Lastjustice

    @Shadow29870 oh no worries my friend! I wish i had an elesh norn! I do got sheoldred in my scarab god commander deck though. My friends really hate that deck (that and my Avacyn, Angel of Hope commander deck too. I think my Wort, Boggart Auntie deck is probably my 3rd most hated.) My Krenko combo in that deck is infinite if i let it be. My friends say im banned from playing my goblin deck lol.
  • @Sorinjace

    NIIIIIICCCCEEEE!!! I do wish I had one of my favorite praetors. Id probably make my black green deck more of a reianimator.
  • @Shadow29870 man id have to go look up all whats in my golgari commander deck. Its mean as hell too. Last thing i got for that deck was the liege creature its buried in my magic tub in my wifes bedroom. I have so many decks! Probably like 35 commander decks ive made and 8 sixty card decks for home play of which i havent played them in close to 2 years since i converted to commander.
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    Wow. If you ever have any suggestions I'd appreciate them, on how to make a golgari deck. Mine is good but... I don't know if it'd work in fnm.
  • Elesh Norn in the only Praetor I bothered to own, when they were in standard. I play alot of white, so she was one I took a stab at running. She currently lives in my Atraxa commander deck, since I felt she belonged there theme wise. I considered getting a Sheldred for it, but haven't pulled the trigger. The green one draws sooo much hate so I wouldn't play it, and I don't feel like the blue one flows with the deck.

    On side note, one of the Duel of the planes walker games had a puzzle mode challenge that involved the enemy having all 5 Praetors. You got a trophy for solving it defeating it all 5 ways. Each way involving taking one of them out, and using cards to play around the remaining ones abilities.

  • @Lastjustice

    Thys fantastical. I don't have any of the praetors sadly, but if I did I'd make sure to make use of them.
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    It was Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013

    Praetor Slayer- Solved the Say Your Praetors challenge in all five ways

    Here's how done.
  • That's... pretty darn cool actually.
  • Sounds cool @Lastjustice. Im getting tired.... Ill post modnation675s card tomorrow. ttyl @Shadow29870 and @Lastjustice.
  • Cya Sorinjace.
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