Weekend Challenge - New Commanders

Simple challenge, I want to see some new commanders. Catch is I don't want to see legendary creatures (asterisk). I've always wanted to run Elbrus the Binding Blade as my commander, or maybe Westvale Abbey.

A valid card for the challenge must
1. Specify it can be a commander (either saying it outright, or via a partner mechanic or similar)
2a. Must not be a legal commander without the above stipulation. (ie, not both Legendary and a Creature)
2b. May be an otherwise legal commander if using a partner with mechanic, or something similar) to partner with another card (like a partner with land or enchantment or similar)
3. One entry per cardsmith (multiple related cards may be entered as one if for example you are using a flip or partner card or both).

Judging will be done monday after I wake up from work. If something isn't clear feel free to ask. Rewards will be favorites for all top 3 entries, and a favorite of a card of your choice if you take top spot. Fluff and crunch will be evaluated, as well as how much fun, or otherwise interesting it is to play as the commander(s).


  • A flip card (does it count as one?) -
    image image

    Using loot N by @MrRansom, & @michaelmvm:
    Loot N (To loot N, draw N card, then discard N card.)

    And reconsider N by @AustinSmith
    Reconsider N (Draw N cards, then put N cards from your hand on top of your library.)
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    This is my entry.
  • Love the entries so far.

    Yes @Faiths_Guide, both sides of a flip card will count as a single entry.

    @AxNoodle, just an fyi you have the tap before the mana cost. WotC format is for a mana cost to be before the tap symbol in a cost (ie, {w}{t}: Gain 2 life). You could update it if you like. Just something to help with future smithing.

    My own sample.

    Melds into...

    Some notes. The color identity of this commander combination is both Blue and Red. The meld side does count, just as the back of flip cards do. This was inspired by a novel from Forgotten Realms, basically a kraken smashed his head into a Mythallar and connected to it psychically. Then the Mythallar (which was sentient), began showing it all the lives of everyone it ever knew (a whole city's worth). Then the protagonist fucked it up by disturbing the Kraken's mind movie theater and it goes on a rampage.
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