Lord of the Tribe. (Results posted)

Everyone loves tribal decks, right? I certainly do and was super pleased to see that Death Baron is getting a reprint in core set 2019. He should slot nicely into my casual zombie tribal deck.

There is one problem though. Awesome as Death Baron is, he's not exactly original. Sure, the deathtouch is unique and he's both a skeleton and zombie lord, which is flavourful I suppose but at the end of the day he's just another +1/+1 lord. He might as well be a vampire lord, for all it matters. He's not really uniquely zombie-y (or skeleton-y for that matter). Other lords, like Lord of the Undead do a better job of telling us what zombies do that distinguishes them from a tribe like, for example, goblins but still...

So my challenge is this. You must create a creature type matters card that really sums up what its tribe does that's completely unique from all other tribes. It can be for one of the mainstream tribes like zombies or goblins, or you can go left-field and hit me with an ooze lord or something like that. It doesn't have to directly increase power and toughness, in fact I'd rather it didn't. I just need to look at that card and think to myself 'that is the ultimate zombie/goblin/merfolk/ooze/whatever card.' It doesn't even have to be a creature. Serious entries only, thanks, though obviously the flavour can be tongue-in-cheek if its something like goblins.

Competition closes June 30th. Prizes are as follows.

1st place: seven favourites of your choice and a follow.
2nd place: five favourites of your choice.
3rd place: three favourites of your choice.

I'll favourite every card I like, obviously, which given the previous competitions I've run should be all of them.


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