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Each day, on a first come, first post basis, someone will post a challenge for the day. This person will also be in charge of judging entries for his or her challenge and providing the prizes to entrants or winners for that day.

Each day the following will happen:

1) Someone will view this discussion and see that nobody has posted a challenge for the day. So they will be like, "I wanna post a challenge." Then they will post a challenge in the following format:

Day, Date
Challenge: Create a card.
Rewards: You get a reward.

2) People will start submitting their entry.

3) At some point in the day, the person who posted Yesterday's Challenge will view the entries from the previous day, judge them, and post who the winner or winners are. You will be responsible for the judging and the prizes you promised the winner or winners.

- 1 Entry per challenge per cardsmith
- Rewarded Favorites cannot exceed 5 per person
- Editing is allowed
- Only one challenge can be posted per day.
- All cards for a challenge must be submitted on the same date the challenge was posted.
- You cannot post a challenge more than 3 consecutive days.


  • Today's challenge will be make a jester or circus clown that would be fun in the 99 of a commander deck.
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    *deep breath*
    Okay, anyway, here's my entry. It's part of a personal project I'm almost done with.
    Master of Whimsy
  • Stitch in Time and Ral Zarek's ult just got BUSTED!
  • @brcien what are the promised prizes and to whom will you give em to? 1st place? All entrants?
  • @Faiths_Guide
    The way it's worded, it'd only apply to the first of Ral's coin flips. Stitch in time is insane with this though.
  • @Arceus8523
    That's still crazy to be able to guarantee flips.
  • @Faiths_Guide
    I suppose, but coin flipping isn't all that apparent outside of Zndlsprt and Okaun EDH, which is what I designed it for.
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    A new Rakdos mechanic:

  • Electrode wins. Pick 2 favorites and someone else pick a new challenge
  • K, happen to come across this so I'll offer up the challenge.

    I don't see nearly enough common cards for casual cubes and pauper challenges. Make the best common card.

    Reward for winner: A favorite of the card and an extra favorite.
    Reward for an honorable mention: The card submitted favorited.
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    @jpastor i dont think the time zones should matter as we are all over the world on this site. It should be 1st come 1st serve to drop challenges to keep this thread active. Just a suggestion!
  • Yeah I agree on the time zone thing. I’m leaving Japan on Monday but it makes dates and time stuff wacky.
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    @TheAltRick An extension to Delif's Cone and Delif's Cube.
  • I was gonna give it more time (it is technically the 21st for me), but I don't know when I'll get time to be on again but I do like both your entries.

    Winner: @AxNoodle
    I like the design concept of trading agro for future knowledge a lot, works well in other card games like yugioh, and especially in control could prove very useful. Also being a 0 mana it has a lot of adaptability for any control deck.

    Honorable mention: @Faiths_Guide
    It's balanced, and I love the artwork. Your opponent can't really do anything about it until it's already a threat, but I find that works against itself being either an elaborate blocker or a vanilla creature amounting counters but never both.
  • Right! I have a competition.
    Create a balanced 4th eldrazi titan.
    1st: 3 favourites
    2nd: 2
    3rd: 1
  • @brcien wow your in Japan? Well, leaving Japan but still! My friend Nick left from Denver, Colorado today to visit Hawaii with his wife. I'm from Ohio man I've never been to Hawaii or Japan..... I hear the view of the sunset in Japan is amazing!
  • @Faiths_Guide Well, you win I guess! Please tell me which cards you want favourited.
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    Looks safe to post a challenge, yes? So here is a challenge:

    DO OR DIE!

    Create a card that has a drawback "you lose the game" in its rules text somehow (it dont need to be an instant or sorcery; be creative!) So make sure the card is good but balanced enough for such a risky drawback!

    1 entry per cardsmith, so if your planning on dropping an entry, make it count!

    This will go on for saturday and sunday since the forums are kinda dead on the weekends so it'll give you more time to think and place an entry.

    Depending on the amount of submissions the entries will be faved. 1st place gets 4 faves of their choice 2nd place gets 3 faves of their choice and 3rd place gets 2 faves of their choice. Oh and this: 1st 2nd and 3rd placers will be mentioned in the hall of fame! So want a chance to be mentioned there? Drop a sweet entry tell a fellow cardsmith about @jpastor's "you pick a challenge for today" contest. Happy cardsmithing! - sorinjace :)

    Entries due by the end of sunday june 24th est usa.
  • *crickets chirping*
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    10 points for GRIFFIN... dor
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    Ok here is the winners for the Do or Die challenge this past weekend:

    1st @Faiths_Guide 4 faves and hall of fame mention

    2nd @Dechujoh64 3 faves and hall of fame mention

    3rd @TemurGideon 2 faves and hall of fame mention

    Thanjs for your participation this weekend was slow appreciate the cards guys! I will post your names in the hall of fame when i can later. :)
  • Congrats other @Winners! I'll PM you @sorinjace.
  • 25, June 2018
    Challenge: Create a playable Bant (WBG) commander with a specific theme to it. Judging with happen tomorrow.
    One entry per cardsmith. Old cards are allowed.

    1st place: 3 favorites and a follow.
    2nd place: 2 favorites and a follow.
    3rd place: 1 favorite and a follow.
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  • Does it have a power and toughness?
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