Coming Soon: Official Custom Artwork Contest



  • I enjoy drawing so this is gonna be good.
  • @Lujikul "I concur." :)
  • Update: We have the prizes lined up, stay tuned for the official announcement soon. You have been working on your artwork, right? :)
  • Welp, time to get my sister. She's the drawer, not me.
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    @mtgcardsmith Does Pixel Art count as Art, or should I have my artsy friend help me out with this one?
  • @mtgcardsmith
    I was waiting for the contest to be launched to start the art...
  • I have failed sooooo many times already, I’ve got no idea what to do that I can do.
  • @KrampisZman all art counts as long as its original and you own/created it. (friends can help). Realism in the look of magic cards will be a factor.

    @Faiths_Guide, no need to wait to start on the artwork, hence this early heads up. We know getting creative can take a while!
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    So there are no parameters with regard to the design itself, merely that it need contain original artwork?

    As an example: What if I wanted to remake a previous card I've designed with new art?
  • @mtgcardsmith would it be ok to create a card without using original artwork before the contest begins, and then recreate that card with the original artwork for the contest?
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