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I spend a little bit of time each day when I make cards to find a few paintings that would make good cards now or in the future. Whenever I do, I find many more than I can use myself. As my card production wanes, I find I have far too much art stock and far too few ideas~!

Here is a link to hundreds of paintings I have stashed away. You can use them for your cards. The vast majority credit the artist (I'm big on that). The titles of the pieces are not always the ones the artist gave to the piece.

These I bequeath to you.


At the end of June 2018, I'm going to take a sabbatical to work on another hobby project in earnest. When I return, I will gather a new collection of artwork.

At the end of July 2018, I will be removing the .zip file in order to make room for other stuff. But in the in-between time, please avail yourself of all the art I've collected. Please download the .zip and grab the stuff you want. I don't need attribution since all I did was curate the collection.


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    I will need look thru it before you get rid of it to see what you got. Thanks for sharing.

    You better come back, things won't be quite as dingusy without you.
  • Im sad again.... @Gelectrode's leavin, now @Scott_Anderson (for a heitus of course but still) is leavin, man... i definitely will miss you on here @Scott_Anderson! May your novel writing kick some serious bootay. Remember what I said i do want a copy if it is allowed ill buy your book!
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    Thank you both, @sorinjace and @lastjustice .

    July is novel writing virtual summer camp month! I have slowly peeled back all the distractions over the course of the month so I can spend an hour or so every night (and hopefully longer some nights) getting down to business.

    1667 words per day, or a little more than four pages, equals 50,000 words in a month. That would get me a darn sight nearer to the end of the story I'm writing. I don't know whether it would actually reach the end of the story, but it would get us closer.

    When I started to write, I intended to do a quick intro for a couple characters, have a major event, and then the story would be about the aftermath. But the characters insisted upon doing and saying a heck of a lot before the major event, so now it's at the end of this story. In fact, a ton of guys I didn't even know about wanted to take up some time too, and some of them ended up muscling in and becoming main characters in their own right; guys I didn't even know existed until they came out and started doing things. I guess you just never know what people will do until you let them onstage and watch them.
  • Some of the best characters in history did that i would imagine a lot more often then we realize. @Scott_Anderson im getting tired ill ttyl please dont forget fat albert for cartoons challenge today :) ttyl!
  • Yeah I had a character I created solely have someone to kill off at the end of the first part, and by the end of the first part I couldn't do it heh. This character ended up connecting the rest together too much. I had to then build up a different minor character just give some casualties to the good guys. Stuff takes on a whole life of it's own as you start going.
  • Cool.. I want to write something too in the future. Good luck! And when you return you can make your novel's characters into cards :D
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    @Scott_Anderson Well, good luck and thanks for the artwork! I will go through it when I have some time...
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    Good luck with your novel @Scott_Anderson. That's wonderful you're doing it. I hope you come back though, soon. Take care and thanks for sharing your artwork collection.
  • I hope to see you again. If it wasn't for you and Lastjustice I would not know how to use this website.
  • @saveria201 @wickedshadow196

    Thank you for your kind words!

    I will likely return before the end of 2018 (which is OMG half over already!) I like to rotate my hobbies regularly.
  • @ScottAnderson - Just let us know when you make your way back to Professional Wrestling
  • That’s hilarious! I was a TV wrestler as a young man! But not a luchador.
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    Before anyone gets it in his head that I'm some great writer or something, I'll share with you the prologue to my story. Let me stress that it's better to read it aloud to yourself, or at least move your lips a little as you go along. It will make more sense if you can hear it as well as see it.

    I'll see you guys sometime soon. Be excellent to each other and spend your time wisely - time and love are the only money we really have.

  • @Scott_Anderson Bye! See you in October!
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