Elder Dragons (Our Core Set 2019)

Hi guys I’m back (Finally)

So in core set 2019 we are going into the past of Nicol Bolas

But we don’t care bout him here. We like the others.

You have a choice on what you can do.

Your two choices:

You can make a new Legendary Creature card of one of the Elder dragons


Make a Planeswalker version of one of the Elder dragons

Don’t make it a Bolas card

Prizes: TBD


  • What about Ugin
  • Ugin is a separate entity from the Ur-Dragon’s descendants, last I checked.
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    I made this awhile back


    I will see what else I can come up with then.

    Inspired by the story.

    image image
  • image

    My interpretation of Merravia Sal, the fallen elder dragon as portrayed in Magic Story:
    - 3 CMC because she was young and relatively small as a result
    - Flying because she is a dragon
    - Haste and attacks each combat if able because of her willingness to attack the hunters just because she could
    -Sacrifice rider because she fell to the hunters only because she attacked alone without her siblings help to fend them off. This plays into her arrogance and feeling of natural supremacy.
    - 4/3 because she was stronger than she was tough and to make the card worth playing even with the downside
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    I decided to do a whole cycle of them. Merrevia Sal, is taken from the story, the rest I came up with.

    image image

    image image


    @Deepsky, this your kind of contest!!
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    I love the new Arcades, so I decided to give him a bit of a makeover as a planeswalker like Nicol Bolas and Ugin (his younger brothers). Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.


    i also made all the other elder dragons into planeswalkers as well. please see below:

    image image image

    as always, feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome! :D thanks and hope you enjoy
  • @zephyr6066 really cool cards but of course the inclusion of chromium (Best dragon ever) You have good sense of card creation
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    here's my entry, his ultimate ability his a reference to his alternate ego"Ham" when his Trapped Palladia.
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