Savor the Flavor Text

Hello fellow cardsmiths and welcome to my 19th contest Savor the Flavor Text!

In this contest, create cards using exact flavor text from another cardsmiths original card you like. It can be any type of card so long as the flavor text used on your card is the same as the original cardsmiths card.

Here are the rules:

1)Unlimited entries, but you can only use 1 flavor text per Cardsmith. Make it count.
2)Post the original card with a tag to the creator of the cards username along with your submission so we can see the flavor texts original card it came from.
3)New cards submitted only please (the older card is irrelevant.)
4)Cards can be edited or removed or replaced from the contest before the deadline.
5)Entries turned in by the end of the day on July 29th 2018. *CONTEST HOSTS EDIT!!*
6)No limit on card entries just a limit on 1 card per cardsmith card you choose to use.

1st place 5 favorites
2nd place 4 favorites
3rd place 3 favorites

Each cardsmith that places in the contest will also be mentioned in the hall of fame.

I will be dropping example cards to bump the contest along the way. These wont count towards the contest. Here's one to get you guys started:


As you can see the flavor text is the same on both cards. The original card is Tiny Helper by @Lastjustice.

Have fun and remember, happy cardsmithing! - sorinjace :)


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