I’m curious. For all y’all, what convinced you to come to MTGCS?

For me, it was me and a few friends talking about what we’d do if we were cards. So I rolled in to make some cards (they were not good) and stuck around.


  • Me and my playgroup were designing skeletons for funny custom cards depicting real world figures. I googled, found this site, and promptly made a creature called Don Vito, the Godfather (it still exists). I would go on to make some cards, most depicting animals, all using photos instead of real art, before making more serious cards.
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    For me, just to waste my already worthless and fleeting existence.
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    I found this site when I was googling custom Lord of the Rings cards that I can print and put in my cube. But I couldn't find good cards, so I made them myself. It was more fun than I thought and I started making and publishing non LotR cards.
  • I had been getting into mtg, i also quite like creating characters and stories, so i had this character and thought, i wonder if this was a magic card what abilities would it have, how strong would it be, so i started thinking about that until i had the larger amount of characters i had in the story i was thinking of basically converted into mtg cards, so i decided to look for a way to actually make them, so i found this place, and so i did.
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    I just loved Disney and the new (at the time) Star Wars film and mtg so had the idea one night with my friend to try making Disney/SW mtg cards. This was by far the best site to make custom cards on at the time, maybe three years ago now. People gave feedback about preferring fanart over movie screen grabs, which lead me to sites like artstation where I found art that inspired me to try other types of cards, so...eventually I tried making more serious cards, and so continued on from there.
  • One night I had this amazing idea for a card, and I thought, "hmmm, I wonder if there is an app to make cards..." I found one. It was horrible. So I thought, "hmmm, I wonder if the interwebz has something for me…" and I found MTGCardsmith.

    I was hesitant to make cards though, because there were actual people here who might look at them and not like what I had created, but it wasn't like that at all. Everyone I talked to was super nice and helpful.

    The card idea I wanted to make....

    I loved Illicit Auction, and I thought "Why doesn't every color have one of these?"

    So now they do!
  • I was making up cards on the magic sub forum for Gamefaqs. I still frequent gamefaqs plenty, but people there would have usually week long magic creation contests. Someone posted a card from here they made for the contest. I thought hey wouldn't it be nice actually have a card to show instead of describing it to people. At first i made the cards solely for whatever contest they did, but they were once a week, and I decided I needed make stuff more often than that, so I started dabbling on the forums here, and been more activate since.
  • I wanted to create my very own commander deck with all but basiclands custom cards :)
    Am still playing it with my playgroup
  • I was bored
  • I wanted to make a custom deck for my wife for Christmas
  • @Lujikul I came here riding on the coattails of @sorinjace he has brought many a persons here to mtgcardsmith.
  • I kind of just stumbled upon it. I was looking for pictures of the official Dungeon Master Planeswalker Card. and somehow i ended up here
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