What Happened

Where did everyone go. It seems that quite a few prominent members of this site have been absent for some time. And yes I do understand that some people work and such but this just seems different. Any light that people could shed would be helpful.


  • Summer vaca
  • At least for me I am using the summer vacation before my junior year to goof off and I still make cards every once and awhile but it is hard to make quality ones all the time
  • @DoctorFro is right! Most of our cardsmiths have family obligations during the summer. It'll pick up soon!
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    @Bobman111 I got a new job as well but I will try to stay as active as i can on here to help keep things flowing along with a few buddies of mine (whenever I annoy the hell out of them to get on mtgcardsmith lol.)
  • whats interesting is that summer vacation should mean that I can be on more, but rather because my school has provided ipads, I was pretty much always able to go on during down time, so maybe thats a similar case for pretty much everyone.
  • Yeah I went dark for a bit due to actually having a life now, but I'm back.
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