Story Contest #1

Now, I'm a very inactive and infrequent cardsmith, so I designed this challenge only to check it every so often - preferably once a week. So, hopefully the first of many, this challenge works in that I post a few paragraphs of a story, and all you guys make fun cards for it. No restrictions, no limitations, but it has to match the story. I'm looking forward to many flavorful and fun entries (if y'all even see this contest). Now, without further ado or self-deprecation, here's your story:

The village of Renton—a small community on the outskirts of the Great Wood—was bustling with activity. It was the first day of the Bloom Festival, a week-long festival that lead up to the day where all the most potent alchemical flowers - labored over by masters for months now, would finally open. Renton's usually placid main street—a path of fractured, crumbling stones looking to break apart any moment—was filled with shopkeepers hawking their silk like water made solid, exotic jewels which shimmered like stars pulled from the sky, and weapons that seemed like they could slice through anything. Behind the shopkeepers were massive, overstocked carts flanking the road. Decorations were strewn about haphazardly on balconies and gages across the town, paper flowers made by the children in the school and hand-painted, marvelous signs made in a myriad of colors. Others had waited until the last minute to prepare and so they were hurrying about, dusting and sweeping. Children, left unattended by distracted parents, played in the streets, dodging and dashing past shopkeepers and buyers alike, pretending to be knights or nobles. While the festival may have been fast approaching, many took the visiting merchants as an opportunity to buy gifts for their sweethearts and families.
On the edge of the town, near the forest's edge - a neighborhood called Wilds, was a small sweet shop and bakery—Flynn's Cakery. Underneath a small glass counter, one could see any number of delicious baked goods. At an aromatic maple-wood table sat three young girls, laughing and joking among themselves as friends do.

P.S. If there are any mistakes in the story, please tell me. Good luck!


  • Maximum of five entries, please.
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    This sounds fun! Can we post old cards?
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    @Alchemist (Mind if I add some story? :))

    Looming Shadows

    The sun was hung high over the sky, indicating the bright daytime.

    "Psh, what an outrageus thing. Do they not understand if a disaster could befall upon them then they'll be like headless cockatrices? Even that could be literal." Sighed a certain half-elf who was counting her bounty in a hidden location in the Great Wood. Said bounty was a multitude of stolen gold and jewelries from the unlucky citizens of Renton. A village that was currently bustling with a certain frivolous festivity about flowers and alchemicals or something like that.

    Honestly, Amelia, the inconspicuous half-elf bandit, didn't really care about such wasteful activities anyway. She was currently wearing a noble-like attire along with a refined but simple straight sword, preventing suspicious eyes to realize that she was actually only a thief in an aggrandized attire. Although that, her skill in swordsmanship couldn't also be underestimated due to years of deadly survival in the streets and in the wilderness.

    It was also her first time to rob that little but rich village after all.

    As she was still counting her bounty, she realized that the sky was getting darker in a sudden.

    'Something doesn't feel right...' The blonde half-elf frowned.

    Quickly repacked her bounty, she quickly climbed a pretty large pine with her natural elven agility to observe the village that located a little far at the foothill that was also brimming with festive activities.

    Dark clouds that were forming above the Great Woods before were slowly creeping towards the village unnaturally. Those clouds were also expanding not only towards the village, but also to all other directions.

    'What is this? I can feel no wind or hear no thunders at all but those ominous dark clouds are moving...'

    She gritted her teeth and just jumped back to the ground again. Then she ran back towards the village.

    'Damn my guilt and remorse, whatever this is, it's certainly a bad omen for this land...'

    Amelia might be a thief, but she wasn't a psychopath after all.
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  • @mtgbanjoman Suspend is still in its converted mana cost.
  • @WickedShadow196 What do you mean? There are cards like Ancestral Recall with suspend and no converted mana cost.
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    @mtgbanjoman This is Ancestral Recall??
    But I did look back at suspend and found one with no mana cost. I got its effect confused with itself and thought that the converted mana cost activated its suspend not that it had another way through its effect to use suspend. My bad I do not usually see suspend that much where I live.
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    Thought this set needed an Artifact Flower
  • This is actually more impressive than I hoped. Thank you to all of you! @shadow123, you can post old cards if they match the flavor.

    @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos that's awesome!

    I'm expecting to close and judge and all that probably around the beginning of September. I'm not on a whole lot.
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