Dungeons & Dragons character Contest! (Results Posted)

This is my very first contest so the rules won't be a polished as some other contest.

The idea for this contest is to create a legendary creature to represent your D&D characters!

1. Three entries per Cardsmith.
2. Each entry must be a DIFFERENT D&D character you've created.

Some advice:
1. Most interesting legendary creature have something unique about them whether that be an ability or something else, this is not required though.
2. A small story about your character would be a great addition, this is also not require.



Ruic is Wi-Gen the ogre magi's captain of the guard and on their adventure they discovered the location of a Saurial egg. Ruic and Wi-Gen made their way deep into the dwarven keep where the egg was being kept safe. Through some unfortunate circumstances Ruic, separated from his ogre master, was confronted with a spirit dragon that gave Ruic the choice to either abandon his position as Wi-Gen's captain of the guard and take the egg or abandon possibly the last Saurial egg, After some deliberation he took the egg and the title, Deliverer of the Saurial. Once he had reunited with Wi-Gen they worked together for the last time to protect the Saurial until it hatches.

The deadline is Thursday the 17th of July at roughly midnight.

Third place will have their entry favorited and will receive two favorites of their choice.

Second place will have their entry favorited and will receive three favorites of their choice.

First place will have their entry favorited and will receive four favorites of their choice plus a follow from me. (If I already follow the winner they will receive two extra favorites.)

Now roll your initiative and use your actions wisely because the contest has begun!


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    (From Storm King's Thunder) Triton Cavalier Fighter, Noble background. Rode an octopus into battle on land (I used a decanter of endless water to let it breathe). Always introduced himself as "Darius, Son of Darius, King of the Seas." Mounted Combatant feat gave advantage while riding the octopus, hence first strike. Wielded a lance in each hand. Pretty goofy character.

    (From Adventurer's League) Human Vengeance Paladin, City Watch background. Basically a medieval cowboy (the movie kind). Uses a sword, bullwhip, and hand crossbow, worships Tymora (goddess of good fortune), lots of coin flips/gambling/etc., but still neutral good. Find Steed to summon a riding horse completes the image.

    (My first real DnD character, from homebrew campaign; card made for earlier contest) Minotaur Redemption Paladin, Acolyte background. Worshipped Torm, god of self-sacrifice. Tried relentlessly to solve situations peacefully, but could still deal some heavy damage in a fight with horns (capped so they dealt nonlethal bludgeoning damage). Crowning achievement was giving up a super-powerful magic shield to serve as a gravestone for a lost party of adventurers we came across.
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    Kalan, the Dreamstalker
    Half-elf Assassin Rogue 7/Feylock 2.
    An 11-year-old orphan who stole and killed to survive in the underworld of Baldur's Gate. During a party foray into the Feywild, Kalan had a dream, in which he made a warlock's pact with the Queen of Air and Darkness (ruler of the Unseelie fey) and lived an entire life as her most feared assassin. When he awoke, he was dismayed to find himself still a child. From then on, he sought to regain the powers he had knowing the dream that felt more real to him than his own life.
    I played this character in a gritty dark fantasy campaign called Rise of the Opal Order. Unfortunately, we stopped playing halfway through the campaign because the rest of the group wanted to play Shadowrun Tabletop :(
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    Alastor Charvarac, Fiend Bladelock 9/Samurai Fighter 3
    At a young age, his sister burned down his family home, killing both herself and their religious parents. Later, when he returned to to charred remains of the building, a woman in black was there. She claimed he could save his sister's soul if he just made a deal with her. He gladly accepted.

    He grew into a veteran mercenary and one day on an assignment, he met a group of misfits on a similar course as him and joined them. Thus, the campaign began. They fought ancient vampires from one of our member's pasts, resolved a tragic time loop in a buried city of a lost civilization, and killed a white dragon who was only trying to protect the frozen corpse of a little girl. Alastor smiled through every bit of it as he grew closer and closer to saving his sister's soul.

    It was soon discovered that the patron granting him power was the one conducting the assumed end of the world, and during the final showdown with her, she revealed that his sister was "fine": she was a heartless, cold slave to his patron. Not a shred of her personality remained, but Alastor, too overjoyed to see his sister after 2 decades, betrayed his party and joined Syreina's cause. (End of campaign)


    Yopa "Scorch" Kantahan, Circle of Twilight Druid 4
    Yopa was born and raised on the Kiln Islands, named so after the volcanoes that could be found there. Their tribe was dedicated to the eradication of the undeadHis people believed that he was born with the potential to become the next Shaman of the Kilns, the leader of their tribes. His affinity for fire was unrivaled, outshining that of all of his peers. This led to ridicule by the other children and praise and expectant gazes by his elders.

    On his eighteenth birthday, the day he was expected to fill the role of leader of the tribes, he had discovered a red, pristine crystal. It called to him, and when he grasped it, this calling began to draw him to the mainlands. Driven by the call and his reluctance to claim his rightful position, he fled the Kiln Islands and set off to the the capital city of the mainland. Here, he encountered three other individuals who also felt a calling after discovering their own crystals. (This campaign ended prematurely, if the level wasn't a good enough tell.)


    Ilka Palesong, Glamour Bard 5
    Ilka was born in the Underdark to the Palesong clan. She was raised by her mother to succeed her as the head of the clan. Her home was consumed by conflict - every clan seemed to be out to get another, each grasping for even a shred of more power. The Palesongs, however, were known for attempting to find peace, regularly holding meetings of the clan heads and performing of their leisure. In reality, they used magic to create more conflicts between other clans and forming fruitful alliances in the ensuing battles. Ilka detested this, and after a strange encounter that left her doubting her allegiance to her clan, she left, hoping to save her home from needless war by proving to her mother that peace could, in fact, work.

    She wandered the lands above ground, attempting to maintain peace wherever she went. Her methods began to slip, however, and she began to use her magic to manipulate others to keep the peace. She would regularly "acquire" bodyguards, then dispose of them when they began to act up. That was until she met and strange, shirtless, scar-clad man. He seemed to wish to join her voluntarily if she could help him reach the feywild. She couldn't, but she certainly couldn't turn down a willing bodyguard. She agreed to help the man, who later disclosed his name as "Gil", and they began travelling together.

    After joining up with two others a year later, they all traveled into the feywild to aid a village in need, encountering two Archfey, and when they returned, they found the world ravaged by a war that had not been waged when they left. They discovered that 5 years had passed since they left the prime material. Ilka was both infuriated and ecstatic; at first she thought "how dare someone destabilize peace so greatly". She then realized that this was the greatest opportunity to prove that peace was a viable option to her mother. Eliminate this threat, and she couldn't possibly turn a blind eye. They would accept peace, whether they like it or not. (This campaign went on hiatus for Summer, afterwhich it was called off by the DM.)

    Sorry about the length of everything, I may have stretched the definition of a "small story" a wee bit.
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    This is amazing! Gonna have to type some stuff up for this. Good luck to you all, I wish you the best of luck!
  • @CnBCustoms

    No need to apologize, I love reading the stories!
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    @bubbasnickey Can we do memorable NPCs? One of my most recent quests had a group of 4 brothers that everyone remembers.
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    Wanted to enter, but never for once played DnD.

    So, yeah...
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    Aleryn has been on many a quest, but has had a few memorable moments. One such one is where he took eight minutes to open a locked door. He also helped interrogate a young man named I.

    He grew up with his twin sister. Both were half elves. His sister became an archer, and left. Aleryn left soon afterwords learning the arts of trickery and deceit. After a few years of wondering alone, he met back up with his sister, two mages, and a dwarf who left the army out of boredom. Afterwords, the fought goblins, ghouls, and attempted to murder a young very, very annoying man.

    We left off in a large fortress. It has been years since we played last.

    Can I do the memorable NPCs?
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    Yor-Gish is a bugbear druid from a somewhat unconventional adventuring party that also included kenku and lizardfolk adventurers.

    Yor-Gish worships the god Hruggek and serves as his hand in the material plane. He scorns Maglubiyet. He sees the lord of goblin-kind as a false god and pretender and hopes that one day Hruggek and Grankhul will slay this scourge to his people.

    Yor-Gish is a druid rather than a cleric because he respects foremost Hruggek's connection to the natural world. While he is foremost a god of violence, Hruggek teaches his disciples to learn survival skills and live, wild and free, alongside nature.

    Mostly, though, I made Yor-Gish so that he could turn into a bear and attack people.
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    Can I just make some made-up names for the divine entities and places or...

    Ok this is for the hardcore DnD players only I see.

    Na dann, auf wiedersehen denn.
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos Hardcore? Nein, nein, nein, mein Freund. Solange du Dungeons and Dragons spielst, kannst du einen Charakter erstellen. Wenn du das nicht tust, bin ich mir sicher, dass du ein paar Sachen erfinden und damit durchkommen kannst.
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos If you just make up a character that kind of just defeats the purpose of the contest which is to share your storied creations. I know it not fun to be left out but i hope you can understand my thought processes.
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    @TigerFang8 The problem is I never played it.

    Yes I also researched it for a bit but it made me confused instead due to its numerous amount of realms, races, religions, etc.

    Just good luck then.
  • @bubbasnickey Yeah, I understand it boss.

    Have a nice day.
  • 3rd place goes to @Undead
    I really like Yor-Gish as a card and a character although his card is incredibly strong and could really use some dialing back on the power level.

    2nd place goes to @NicolBolasFTW
    Darius is an awesomely creative and wacky character. Also, his card reflects his character very well.

    1st place goes @CnBCustoms
    Ilka is an very cool card that's well balanced, if not a little weak. Although, I think that esper might fit her story better and to reflect this colour change I would swap the second ability with some sort of pacifsm effect. Ilka is your character so you have a much better grasp of her personality, story and spell arsenal so that decision is yours.
  • Great! Thanks. I'll admit I didn't put a huge amount of thought into balancing the character, you're right.
    Could you favorite:
    Thanks for a fun contest!
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    @NicolBolasFTW and @CnBCustoms

    Today is the last day for over a week that I can give you your prizes, so please get them in. Thanks!
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    No worries, the cards have been Favorited!


    I'm back from my trip and am awaiting your prize.
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    Cool, and your prize is completed!
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