Sorinjace's Damage Control

I just wanted to let you guys know that I am going through an aggravated struggle at the moment. I almost broke down. I have been struggling with the 1 drop planeswalker contest @Tomigon created, mainly because it's hard for me to get to a computer to create planeswalkers (cant create them on mobile yet) and I have recieved comments that frustrated me on those 1 drop planeswalkers I created for his contest. I was really trying to accept all these comments for constructive criticism as much as I could, but it just got to me I suppose. Perhaps it was a build up overtime and i just reached my breaking point, who knows. I can totally understand when other cardsmiths leave for awhile then come back. Sometimes other comments or not getting enough positive feedback on cards you work hard on can leave you wanting to cry or throw a shoe or something (wait "who throws a shoe, honestly?" lol) so I went and did something that I have been wanting to do for some time now. I think I honestly needed it, as I spend most of my free time on this site. It drives @Aryanf nuts I think sometimes lol. You guys are seriously like my family away from my family.

I cleaned up my profile. I deleted over half my cards I created. I felt I could do better. I also felt that a lot of those cards was not received well by other cardsmiths. I can't make everyone happy, but I am going to damn well try to make my cards the best that everyone wants and believes that they can be. I seriously thank you all everyone of you that gives me feedback, good AND ugly alike. hell sometimes the ugly can make the cards better. I truly mean this. just this last time.... it just got me upset a little is all. I am optimistic that I will bounce back and kick that contests behind (at least to me even if I don't place, I will feel relief if I can make a balanced 1 drop planeswalker!!) You can shoot your worst comments, Idc, I will not quit. I am ambitious if nothing else.

I deleted all my favorites. This was absolutely nothing personal. I am working on refavoriting them now as we speak with my good friend @Dechujoh64. I am favoriting all the ones I owe people from my 1st contest to the present, then after that I am going through all the followers I have and favoriting every single last card I truly enjoy that they have (so some of you may be in luck you may actually have even more favorites from me then before.) I apologize for any confusion on this @kickash @shadow123, and im sure more to come and ask me whats going on. I am sorry. Since you guys came to me 1st you will be the 1st I refave after I get the contest awarded faves done. it should be today asap. I love all you guys!!!!

Please hang tight guys. Sorry if it hurt anyone (@kickash I love you!!! lol) I promise I will get the favorites back up.

sorinjace :)

ps @saveria201 i saw your hug sorinjace thing earlier it made me feel better. thank you so much, you don't know how much I needed to see that. much love saveria!!!!


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    I'm pleased with your resolution. I have one piece of advice: This is the internet.

    Clarification: I mean two things by that
    1. People are overly critical and extremely vocal when there is no consequence.
    2. Don't take things you leave here (at least not the "link" itself) seriously. What happens online shouldn't be allowed to affect you.

    May all your future designs be wild successes! XD

  • Good point @Faiths_Guide. Just had some summer cleaning to do.
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    Alrighty man, good luck with picking everything up, i was kinda scared for a moment there in all honesty (having a nervous breakdown or something else bad happened). Good luck with creating more cards m8, you'll get the 1 mana planeswalkers, one day, one day. *cue maniacal laughing*. (I mean i'm just some new guy, but i hope my words carry some meaning) Seriously though, hope it'll be alright.
  • They most certainly do @IronCrusher! You have a lot of cool cards don't sell yourself short. Thank you for the kind words as well it means a lot.
  • Out with the bad, in with the good! You're going to feel so refreshed after this. Thanks for the update :)
  • no prob @kickash. I'm still here, still me, don't worry guys. :P Same ninja turtle masters of the universe ghostbusters 2 gremlins 2 lovin goofy guy who rocks out to metal and mtg.
  • i caught up most of the past contest faves. @kickash as i was going through them I saw @Tomigon had used one of his favorites in the past to have me favorite a card of yours, that is really awesome of him to do that. I really want to start doing that more to help get other cardsmiths cards more recognition.
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    once all of these are done that I owe, then I move on to all the personal ones. I am excited actually, cant wait to visit those concerned of you and your card libraries! (and other people following me)
  • @sorinjace no problem. I bet your next cards are going to be big hits!
  • i hope so. If they arent, ill keep working on them until they are well recieved. Thanks for the vote of confidence, @shadow123!
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    @Faiths_Guide is a wise man!
    @sorinjace - Always remember this one thing... Cardsmith is here so you can make whatever card you want... None of us are professionals working at WotC, so none of our cards have to be perfect, and nor should they be!
    Does it break the color pie?
    And it does, because it can.
    Don't feel like you have to make perfect cards if you don't want to.
  • Thank you so much @Corwinnn. That card made me smile, I love to smile and laugh so I needed that. :)
  • As someone who just disappeared for about two months, I can say that I understand to a certain extent what you're feeling. Don't let it get you too down. You're a wonderful cardsmith! You're one of the people that inspire me to keep coming back and making cards, even if I suck at balancing. Hope things work out for you, man. :-)
    Sorry if this does absolutely nothing for you. I'm kinda bad at this sort of thing... :-P
  • nah, your words mean well, maybe i needed to hear from you as well. you are one of my favorite cardsmiths on the site, I know this may sound corny or whatever, but I have been missing you! I noticed when you faved my card that you was back, I fist pumped the air when I saw that. I have to repost that card AGAIN of @kickash... please hit that card back up when you can thanks man. :) Happy 4th of july to those of you that celebrate it!!
  • Thanks! :-D
    It's good to be back. :-)
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    For my 1 mana walkers I made sure to post I made the cards for a specific contest with the 1 mana planeswalker contest. Otherwise people just assume you don't understand making proper cards otherwise if you don't put a disclaimer there for why you made it. Like this for a Challenge, so the idea to make something of doesn't normally exist in the game, so it's uncharted territory far from as what is considered balanced or the proper way handle it. It's going end up quirky to say the least.


  • Lol @Lastjustice i had a bit of trouble reading your comment it almost reads like your drunk lol but i get where you are going with it. :)
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