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    3rd entry - another legendary Mox:

    Alternate art I was considering:
  • @fiskerton Oh, I guess so, I'm not to good with the rulings of cards with the untap ability cuz there aren't really that many of them.
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  • Entry 2:

    Edit: Had to fix a few minor problems (forgot artist and legendary frame)
  • Only 2 more days left! Get your entries in!
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    My moxes, moxi, moxpeople? I'm gonna stick with moxes. My moxes are from my plane of Anivilia. The flavor texts come from one of the many research guides that can be found in the royal library.

    Entry #1: Mox Quartz


    Entry #2: Mox Fire Opal

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    I'm looking at this and I'm so stressed. So many great entries, then mine just kinda exist. I wish you all the best of luck, may the best mox win!
  • 2nd entry:
    I hope this counts.
    I could otherwise make some minor adjustments if that would be necessary.

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    Entries. My Timeless Mox's image does not seem to be working for some reason.

  • Only a few more hours to get entries in. This contest closes at 4PM EST today
  • This contest is now closed for judging
  • @bnew07
    Great contest!

    Best of luck to each of you!
  • A few comments before I announce the results. First, this contest had a great turnout! We had 54 entries, which is pretty impressive considering how difficult mox designs are. To put the judging in context, here are some maxims I used to evaluate the entries:
    1) Any mox that can tap for a mana on turn 1 with little to no deckbuilding cost or significant drawback is going to be broken.
    2) Any mox that can tap for multiple mana in one turn isn't really a mox.
    3) Any mox that could conceively tap for mana reliably in any deck (regardless of its composition) is likely too good.

    5th Place: @zephyr6066 with Mox Valestone and @East2West with Desired Mox [86 pts]
    This card was actually designed independently by two different cardsmiths. Sometimes great minds think alike! Even though this card taps for mana on turn 1, the drawback is significant--so significant that it is actually a meaningful choice. Any even though any deck COULD play this card, most won't because giving your opponent a mox to use at their discretion is problematic. In older formats, combo decks would use this as a lotus petal, only tapping it for mana on the turn they go off. Overall, this design shows a lot of nuance and is powerful with a big drawback. @East2West, you get 1 favorites of your choice and 1/4 CP.

    4th Place: @TheCenterOfTheUniverse with Mox Onyx [88 pts]
    This card is a great example of a mox with a clear and balanced deckbuilding constraint. This card requires you to play wastes, and likely a lot of them to enable them. I also like how this card has applications in standard decks with wastes (its kind of like an eldrazi mox). In older formats, it is unlikely to make too much impact as two wastes in play is a pretty big deckbuilding cost, but that is okay--not every mox has to be playable everywhere. I think that choosing two wastes was smart--one would have been too few and three would have been too many. Nice job balancing this one! @TheCenterOfTheUniverse, you get 2 favorites of your choice and 1/4 CP.

    3rd Place: @Jonteman93 with Seraphim's Mox [91 pts]
    This card imposes a huge cost on your deckbuilding--a lot of the time it is going to be a literal dead card, but when you miracle it on turn 1 on the draw, you will feel like you won the lottery. These are the kind of stories that make magic great and Seraphim's Mox certainly would generate them. I think it is cool that you chose to make it tap for one mana of any TYPE (W, U, B, R, G and C)--this isn't a textbox that has been used much (if at all) by WOTC but feels appropriate on a mythic rare mox. I also like how the name references angels which ties into the miracle mechanic which originated in Avacyn Restored. Great novel design! @Jonteman93, you get 3 favorites of your choice and 1/2 CP.

    2nd Place: @fiskerton with Mox Vanta [92 pts]
    It is amazing how different this card is with a tap symbol compared to an untap symbol. This card becomes the ultimate build around--how can we tap this thing (without using a mana) to get it to make mana. It is even more of a challenge because you must use the mana it produces the same turn that you tap it. Clock of Omens, Ghirapur Aether Grid, and Lodestone Myr are some of the cards that combo with it but I am sure there are more. The appeal of this card is not only its novelty but also its elegance, and those two things combined with the build-around nature make it great. Awesome job! @fiskerton, you get 4 favorites of your choice and 3/4 CP.

    1st Place: @zephyr6066 with Mox Simaril [93 pts]
    First off, choosing 3 as the threshold for devotion was perfect. That means that this card will almost never tap for mana on turn 1, can tap for mana on turn 2 (but most likely all your lands will be tapped) and then is a free mana on turn 3. Funnily enough, this likely doesn't change for most decks regardless of the format. In an odd twist of fate, this card would actually make Legacy Leylines much better (it taps for mana for opalescence and can be tutored for with enlightened tutor). I really like how this card plays and how balanced it is, especially across older formats. This was the best designed mox all things considered! @zephyr6066, you get 6 favorites of your choice (5 for 1st place + 1 for 5th place) and 1 CP.

    And now for the special awards:

    1) Most Novel: @Jonteman93 with Seraphim's Mox
    The miracle mechanic was perfect for a mox and you nailed it in this category. You get 1 additional favorite of your choice.

    2) Best Build-Around: @fiskerton with Mox Vanta
    For the incredible deckbuilding challenge that breaking/abusing/just trying to use this card would be, you took the prize in this category. You get 1 additional favorite of your choice.

    3) Moxiest Mox: @WickedShadow196 with Timeless Mox
    This category secret means "Most Broken" and there was a clear, clear winner. This card combined not one but TWO cards from the Power Nine (Mox Sapphire and Time Walk). This card is utterly broken and no other card even came close. @WickedShadow196, you get 1 favorite of your choice.

    Thank you all for participating in my challenge--there were some great entries and a ton of broken ones too, but that's part of the fun, right?

    Winners, please post your favorite requests in this thread. If any cardsmith would like additional feedback on their entries, please private message me.
  • Mm. Gj, everyone, honestly. I'll admit I'm a little salty about not placing, but I can see why amidst all these amazing entries. You all definatly earned it.
  • @bnew07 If it was a broken card that got me a favorite of choice then it will be a broken card that I must choose as a favorite.
  • @bnew07

    "A few comments before I announce the results. First, this contest had a great turnout! We had 54 entries, which is pretty impressive considering how difficult mox designs are. To put the judging in context, here are some maxims I used to evaluate the entries:"

    I have a massive issue with this. You post examples that don't match your critieria at all for what this contest entails. It just sent the message, come up with a unique way make a mox work from previous versions...not anything your maxims consist of. Make whatever you like...but I am going not tell you what I am looking for in the slightest. So the winners just happen get lucky if they stumbled into what you were looking for as this topic was a scattershot. I think that's a really poor way of judging a contest if you have very specfic criteria but make no mention of it. That's not okay. People need know what they are actually being judged on.
  • Thanks @bnew07 for the contest! Though mine didn't rank the fact that my mox passes each maxim feels good, like I at least had the right idea going.
  • @bnew07, thanks for the contest, grats to the winners

    @Lastjustice bnew did break down the judging scale on the original post. I feel like the first and third maxims are good for that; they generally said, "Cards must be balanced." As for the second one, it's pretty thematic of moxes, but I guess was never really defined.
  • well crud, this thing is over. well, I will share this anyways with you @bnew07 since it was made for this contest.

  • I'll probably end up deleting it, idk.
  • @lastjustice

    In the contest description, I listed the following
    1) The task was to design a mox for a standard legal set with an appropriate power level in older formats
    2) I gave four examples of moxes I designed and advised on the relative power level i was looking for (between Mox Aether and Mox Tritium)
    3) I laid out a rubric of each category I used to judge the entries and their weighted point values. Included in this list was “power level in standard”, "power level in older formats", “Mox attributes” and "play pattern / gameplay".

    of the three maxims I listed with the results, maxim one is implied in both of the "power level" categories and by my examples, maxim 2 is implied by Mox attributes (although this was only 5 points and didn’t matter too much scoring wise, and maxim three was implied by "play pattern and gameplay”, albeit loosely.

    I think that I gave a myriad of information about the judging criteria from the beginning, that my maxims were consistent with those criteria, and that the winning entries reflected that.

    However, I can always try to flesh out the criteria for the contest more and that is the crux of your point and it is well taken. In future contests, I will be sure to do so.
  • @bnew07 your mox contest was pretty challenging and it caught on with a lot of cardsmiths. I personally had trouble making a 2nd entry in time while trying to be creative and follow your criteria. It wasn't clear what you was looking for to me, just like @Lastjustice was explaining, so I just said the hell with it, and created something I thought that was inventive and different usage of a mox (Oh come on, a mox equipment?? That's pretty dope! I'd totally play it!) Eh, either way, I had fun. :) *cough*wish I wouldve placed in the batman contest*cough* just sayin.
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