This Time For Russia!

So there are guaranteed to be some cardsmiths here who, like me, are avidly following the events in Russia. What events? Political? Scientific? No, the FIFA World Cup!

If your team has made it to the last 8, congratulations! If like my beloved Argentina your team has not, condolences (sniff). The teams are fighting it out in Russia. But who's to say we shouldn't be, too?

Now, now. Put those lightsabers back. This isn't that kind of fight. Rather, I am announcing a tournament: THE SMITHING WORLD CUP!!!! (epic fanfare)(applause)(applause? Come on? Someone?)

This tournament is the Brainstorm brainchild of FICA (Fédération Internationale de Carteforgeage Association). To enter, here are the simple steps:

1. Make a card about football. Anything! Give it your best shot (sorry for the pun). Post it here before 11 July.

2. I will select the best 16/8/4/2/myself depending upon participation. These 16/8/4/2/me will then face off each other in random pairs in the 'knockouts'.

3. For each round of the knockouts, I will announce a theme (football-related). Each person makes a card for that theme. Don't post it yet, though. Just indicate to me via PM that you are 'ready'. When everyone is ready, I will play out the matches one by one, selecting the best card in each match. The winner moves on in the tournament. The loser is knocked out and has to go back to their home country and face the pointed questions of aggressive journalists who shove a mic in your face and shout "Person X, are you going to retire? Are you going to quit Juventus and move to the MLS? Is it true that you threw a pizza at Sir Alex Ferguson?" and so on.

4. This continues until we have a winner. Simple as that.

This is one of those things that's going to have a floating deadline, so I can't announce an end date beforehand. No rules, but:

1. Despite the fun nature of this contest, your submissions must still look like Magic cards. That means proper templating, wording, balancing, and using art and not photographs. Although I won't be strict about the quality of the art, I feel compelled to state that there is, indeed, good football art out there.
2. You may use creature subtypes like Footballer, Sportsperson, or Athlete. If you are making a Sergio Ramos or Luis Suarez card, Human Barbarian should suffice.
3. Banter is fine but be nice to other people and their teams. Otherwise I will hand out yellow and red cards. Pedantic corrections along the lines of "hey KalamMekhar it's actually called soccer" will result in a straight red.

As an example, here's a card I made a long, long time ago:


Aaand that's pretty much it. I'm a chill referee. This thread doesn't have to be just about the contest; you can discuss anything about the World Cup or football-related stuff over here. Do tell me who you're supporting and why, so that I can poke fun at you cheer them on as well.

Let's do this! Vamos Cardsmiths!


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