Send Artwork to be Made

I feel like this is self explanatory; I am asking for you to send me artwork to make into cards. There really is no winner. Everybody wins in this. for every card made by an art submitted by you, I will fave any card you ask. So the more submissions you make, the more faves you get.

What I get out of it:
I like hosting so it'll be fun for me.
I get to try making cards that might be out of what I am used to. (certain images demand certain things...)
Maybe I get faves too
And Practice
Oh! And publicity on CS & CSF.

Why you should care:
More faves in a short period of time might get you to be a favored member! Imagine that!

Must look like an actual card image. No hand drawn unless its VERY good. Try to find things from a variety of sources and a variety of ideas. i.e: Don't put too many elves or too amny dragons, and especially not too many things that are... *how should I put this?*... "ogled at" (I am not saying to submit none of that but not too much because there will be a point where I stop making those for the sake of not being "that guy"

I think thats all...


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