Brothers from Other Mothers (CIRCUIT CHALLENGE)


(Ahem. Time to compose myself. You saw nothing!)

For this challenge, I would like you to make some tribal cards, be they support or payoffs! Easy, right? You just make something like this:


Nope, sorry, not what I'm looking for.

Well, alright, you might say, how about something like this?


Nope again.

Well, what kind of tribal are you even looking for anyway?

I'm looking for something like these:






You've lost it now, Kalam Mekhar. These are no different from the other tribal cards.

Silence, voice in my head! Notice something common between all of these?

Um, no.

They're all tribal cards that don't belong to the tribe they support! Isn't that amazing? Isn't it?

Your objective is to make a creature card that supports a tribe with which it shares no types. Just like the above five.

Rules are the usual:

1. Cards must look like Magic cards (obviously). They must follow normal Magic syntax and structure. No joke/troll cards.
2. Cards must have tribal synergy. A card that simply creates Thopter tokens (like Sai, Master Thopterist) is not a Thopter tribal card. However, if that card can also tap three Thopters you control to bounce a creature, then it is a tribal payoff.
3. Cards must be creature cards and not share a type with any creature type they support. So even though Death Baron supports Skeletons (which it is not), it is ineligible for this contest as it also supports Zombies. Metallic Mimic does not count either.
4. Balance, balance, balance! No cards with "Other Horses you control get +8/+8 and indestructible" for three mana. Even the subtle things count: a Rat lord that gives them first strike would be quite powerful as most Rats have deathtouch and the deathtouch-first strike combo is a bit too spicy.
5. While the instinct is to make a Human, since art is readily available, I would appreciate some non-Humanoids greatly.
6. Keep it simple. I like minimalistic uncommon lords a lot, like Drogskol Captain.
7. Having said that, try to venture beyond the usual +1/+1 lord or cost reducer, or do it in a different way.
9. The best tribal support cards solve issues of that particular tribe. Dinos are expensive? Otepec Huntmaster reduces their cost. Illusions are squishy? Lord of the Unreal takes care of that. Stuff like that.

Deadline is August 5. You have exactly a month to design your best out-of-tribe tribal card. Submissions are limited to FIVE per person (giving you the chance to make one in each colour). Prize structure is as follows (the usual CC structure):

1st: 1 Circuit Point
2nd: 3/4 Circuit Point
3rd: 1/2 Circuit Point
Honorable Mention (I will select TWO): 1/4 Circuit Point

Alright, then! Get smithing!



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    Melrima, Spider Queen
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  • I am going to have to get in on this!
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    (Cyclops & Ogres)
  • They see me bumpin, they hatin...
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    um this I guess (I haven't done this in a while)
  • That's gross @Latinas
  • Sorry best art I had saved for something like this!
  • Don't get me wrong. I favorited it!
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  • A lord for my most favorite obscure tribe:

  • Do vehicles, gods and other "creature only under certain conditions" cards count?
    I was gonna make this anyway pretty much mechanic for mechanic. It just happens to work here. In yugioh I was gonna make a unique Toad deck based off the tenacious d song Beelzeboss
  • @fiskerton: To answer your question, Gods do count, while Vehicles do not. The reasons are twofold. Firstly, the conditionality of creaturehood is flavorfully different in both. Vehicles are simply not living beings at all, while Gods are just powerful beings that occasionally choose to interfere in the affairs of mortals. So, anything that benefits Vehicles must, for flavour purposes, be a non-vehicle (i.e., whatever creature is crewing it). Secondly, there is already a dedicated group of non-Vehicle creatures that benefit Vehicles: Pilots. So for these reasons, I would say Vehicles don't count for this challenge. However, I would also dissuade you from (although not outright say no to) Gods. The entire creature type is represented by slightly over a dozen creatures that exist only at mythic. They have no issues in terms of cost or size or power level, merely needing to be 'activated'. In other words, they're not really a 'tribe' in the canonical sense. They're just a collection of very powerful creatures.

    Since I'm talking about all this, I would also like to add that supertype tribal (legendary creature tribal, artifact creature tribal, etc) does not count as tribal for this challenge. Artifact creatures are not a tribe. (Constructs and Myr, on the other hand, are, so think along those lines.)
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    Entry 1


    Entry 2


    Entry 3


    Entry 4


    Entry 5


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    No, is it because I used a picture rather than artwork?
  • @Billthesomething
    Really? A FIVE mana 7/7 WHITE and BLACK Human ROGUE with REACH without even a drawback? Even if it has drawback it's still considered as a joke.
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
    I get your points, but could you go into some more detail. I'm super new at this
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    Some formatting issues: You shouldn't use {1}{1}, you should use {2}. In general, the part of mana cost that doesn't care about color is lumped together. You should also put a line break between different lines/abilities of your card, such as between Reach and the Gargoyle ability, and between that and the flavor text. It makes the card look nicer and more readable. You dont need "as long as this is on the battlefield" either. That's implied.

    As for its abilities, reach makes flavor sense (since this is supposed to be the hunchback of Notre dame right and he can climb the towers) but reach is mostly a green ability or on archers so it doesnt make sense with the colors you've chosen.

    Rogues in mtg are usually blue black and bad guys. I dont think it makes sense flavor-wise for this card.

    The 7/7 statline is way too much. From my observations, a statline of X mana cost for X/X no abilities is baseline (except for 1 and 2 mana). You need some kind of drawback to justify having a statline higher than baseline, especially when you get to the high numbers (remember that mtg creatures gain their health back so this card is ridiculously hard to kill without hard removal). Most lords (creatures that buff other creatures) are also in the 2-4 mana range because you want to get value out of their boosting ability before losing your other cards, but I guess giving Fear can justify 5 mana although gargoyles usually already have flying for evasion.
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    Here is my revised version of Church Dwelling Hunchback, Also my thanks to @fiskerton for his critique of my previous version
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  • As of Core 19, Egg is officially a creature type!
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