Legends of Madness

After my recent challenge, 'Phyrexian Perfection', I decided I'd think up another similar yet different challenge. My absolute favorite set in MTG has got to be Innistrad, and all sets based on the lovely plane of insanity. As such I personally made two sets, 'Innistrad return to Madness' and 'Legends of Innistrad', and with those in mind, came the idea for this challenge.

Based around my set 'Legends of Innistrad', I want you (yes, YOU) to make some cards you'd find on Innistrad. Not any cards though, something... legendary. A legend made real you might hear on Innistrad. Though some rules and clarification are needed.

1. A maximum of three cards
2. One of the three must be legendary, the other two can simply support it and give more lore to the legend, but can also be legendary.
3. A lore blurb isn't needed, but it may help you alot. Trust me.
4. No old cards. I know you probably have some good ones, but... well, I want something fresh. Something new.
5. Flavor text! If you can, try to fit some flavor text on. It isn't needed, but I always love it. Though new interesting mechanics overrule it every time.

- Prizes -
1st place - 5 Favorites of your choosing and a follow
2nd place - 4 favorites, one of my choosing and three of your choosing
3rd place - 3 favorites, one of my choosing, two of your choosing
Honorable mentions - Two will be chosen - Two favorites, one of my choosing and one of your choosing

This contest will end and be judged by the end of the day on August 6th, to give everyone time to make things for this and give time for you all to make some nice legends,

If you want to skip my LONG example, go ahead, can't blame you. But if you don't... here's a legend (A shortened version, as I REALLY don't like my last part of it) and supporting cards I made for a challenge a while ago, useful for an example here.

Growing up, Jarina didn’t have much different of a life as any other person on Gavony. She was told to remain indoors most of the day, come home before dark, and stay out of the woods. (Following a little bit of the stereotype) This however, changed one day. One day in her home, she was awoken by a strange scuttling of claws in the living room, a sound common anywhere but houses in Innestrad. Naturally she followed her child-like instincts and ran to her parents room for safety. What she found was quite the contrary. A demon, one worshiped by the Skirsdag, had come to collect a debt from her parents that they could not pay, forcing it to collect their lives instead, leaving behind a mangled amass of body parts. When it had turned to leave, glowing red eyes and teeth as sharp as spears, it spotted Jarina crying in a heap on the floor in the doorway. Gently it cast a sleeping spell on her to take her away to their cult to worship along with everyone else.


In her new home within caves the cult used for initiates, once she had turned 16, they began to train her in the dark arts, of which she seemed strangely proficient at. Jarina climbed the ranks with due haste, learning more and more as time arose, until she was given one final task to prove herself ready for more dangerous task. She was to collect her first debt from a debtor to the demons of the cult for them. Putting on the clothes of a commoner she silently awaited night and, when the time was right, entered the home of a newly wed couple who had seemingly rather good fortune, all accordance of their demonic dealings. As to be expected they nearly screamed when she awoke them as she was a stranger in their home, though once she explained her reasons for being there, they calmed down and told her they didn’t have their payment. At this she killed them both by slitting their throats, turning around only to be met by her knew demonic commander. The same who had killed her parents. He swiftly silenced her, whispering words into her ear that calmed her down, before awarding her for her work. All his knowledge on harvesting from the living and the dead, ways to kill others, and different spells for calming others… she knew them all now. And that was his last mistake. She knew of the Skirsdag from her parents warnings and schools teachings, and knew they weren’t to be trusted, though she also knew how highly arrogant and sure of themselves the demons were, such as this fool. When he had finished delivering to her his knowledge, she turned on him in a frenzied rage, hurling everything he had taught her at him, leaving in the wake a pile of giblets and gore, as well as (given protection by one of the spells) one of his claws that she kept as an artifact to her accomplishment.


Naturally though, all of this had a toll on her, namely her sanity. From seeing her parents ripped apart to the whispers of demons throughout her childhood, all that truely remained in her mind was what she had been taught, and the memory of her mother and father's fate. Carrying this with her she fled, fleeing to the woods of the Ulvenwald to live away from society and the demons, hoping to never see them again whilst also believing all people were cruel and uncaring, thinking no-one who was alive cared about anyone, even their children. As her parents death taught her, one’s personal wealth is more important than what could happen to one’s family as a result. Keeping this as her motif, and the powers as her method of living, she killed all who crossed her path in the already deadly forest of the Ulvenwald, whether on paths or lost in the winding woods, harvesting from them flesh to eat, bones for tools, clothes to wear, and souls… souls she would eventually use to sustain her life for near-immortality. All having begun due to her parents decision to make a deal with a devil.




  • Oh yeah! Innistrad? Scratch my suggestion, this is WAAY better. My favorite block, I will be dropping submissions when I can get a chance to @Shadow29870.
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    Hehe, glad you agree. I'll use something with your suggestion eventually. Just decided on this first. Can't wait to see your suggestion coughgissaisbestnecromancercough . :3
  • aw! I didnt see your comment til after I posted this, but hey I thought it was flavorful and as far as I have seen, I havent seen anyone use this art yet on here for our good ol oath of the gatewatcher, the mario of magic the gathering, JACE! :)
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    1. Neat concept. And usage of the zombie walker art they made ( I reognize that pic)
    2. I will say though, I was hoping for more... crafted legends, as opposed to existing ones altered.

    AND AH. I REALLY wish I had premium now. She'd get the nice legendary border. I'm barely resisting the urge to buy it for a moth.

    (And of course you can change out cards for others before this is over. AND I FORGOT TO PUT PRIZES AND A DEADLINE AHHH ONE MOMENT)

    (Also also, yeppers)
  • Let me think Innistrad that is at the bottom of my list but still worth a shot at a card :).

    Ravnica! Or Tarkir :)
  • I chose to represent my legendary creature with 3 of her own cards showing her character progression.

    Halea was a cathar in the church of Avacyn, and none were more devoted to their duty. Above all, she held the ideals of Avacyn sacred. Protecting both the weak and the wicked, she embodied all that was the godlike Angel.


    But when madness overtook Innistrad and the Angel of Hope began to preach purifying sin instead of protection and absolution, Halea was met with a crisis of faith. The angel-god whom she worshipped and idolized no longer stood for the ideals of the church. Who should she follow? The order she had tirelessly worked for all her life, or the eternal angel who surely knew good from evil?


    In the end, her blind devotion to Avacyn overtook her sense of right and wrong. Halea chose to follow Avacyn, the Purifier, forsaking the church and the 'impure' it once protected. She followed Avacyn through the countryside, purifying Thraben, Gavony, and Stensia alike. Yes, the twisted, fiery blade she wielded burned their flesh, but it also cleansed them of sin. If they were truly pure, no harm would come to them. Of that, Avacyn had preached. And for Avacyn, she would do anything.

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    This competition is awesome.


    Noah Huan (say it three times fast), also known as the laughing lich, is a compulsive trickster and knave. Anarchic, rebellious and scornful of authority, Noah ensures that chaos reigns supreme wherever he goes and misrule is always the order of the day.

    Before he ascended to the ranks of the undead, Noah went by quite a different name (though it is now lost to the mists of time). He was a narcissistic young man prone to wild mood swings and violent outbursts. His village, not really understanding Noah's behaviour, shunned him and did little to try and help him.

    One night, however, Noah had a strange revelation. His great passion had always been for stories and myths, and he had become a collector of such tales which he picked up from passing acting troops and storytellers.

    Noah's revelation was this: that the most enduring character in fiction was the trickster. The rogue who always won the day with his brain rather than his brawn. Noah realised that humans identify with the trickster more than any other character, since the human being has always relied on its cunning to get the better of other species.


    Vowing to become the ultimate trickster, Noah christened himself with his new name and set out on a journey to upright the social order. Initially benevolent, saving the oppressed from their dictators and laughing in the face of adversity, Noah's trickery quickly took a malign turn. Noah began to see that if he was to become immortalised by story and song, he must become infamous.

    Eventually Noah's mockery angered one noble too many and he was seized by royal guards and imprisoned. The next day he was executed. Unbeknownst to his captors, however, Noah had done a deal with an other-worldly power. A creature that called itself the Raven and claimed to be a old god, patron of tricksters and conmen, had struck a pact with Noah. In exchange for immortality, Noah must become the ultimate trickster, plaguing authority and bringing death upon the heads of oppressors and tyrants, claiming their souls for the Raven's own dark purposes.


    So it was that Noah became the laughing lich. He now travels Innistrad, bringing chaos with him. During his travels, Noah has become unhinged and his behaviour is increasingly erratic and unusual.

    During Emrakhul's invasion of Innistrad, Noah was lauding over a small town at the edge of civilisation, forcing the inhabitants to indulge his chaotic whims. Seeing Emrakhul as a symbol of order, forcing all things to conform to her own nature, Noah struck out against the Eldrazi threat. The Raven aided him, furthering its own devilish plans.
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  • @Shadow29870 And by the way, it's Innistrad, not Innestrad.
  • @bnew07

    Oh my GOSH! I LOVE THIS!
    And I... may have ranted about this and all on my phone but... alas I must hold back till I judge to reveal that. AHHHH I HATE WAITING.

    Why thank you my good sir, I try to please.

    Also, nice cards and legend! Not quite a progression basis, more moultiple cards, and it works quite well. Can't way to judge this.

    Thanks. I always forget that one letter...
  • @Sorinjace

  • @Shadow29870...? Are you ok?
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    He's the host.
  • @Sorinjace

    Yee. I just do that to mess around. Hehe. I love the undead after all so humans freak me out.


    Er... no. Just me messing around. You entered this so be careful. I'm not afraid to put my bias in based on you saying that for my judging.
  • @Shadow29870 So, how old are you? 13?
  • @Shadow29870 it's cool. I didn't realize how much of the entries here was human. I'll try to come up with a nonhuman innistrad creature for my last one for you since this was my 2nd entry already. (PS if your interested in a hug type contest check out savor the flavor. You make cards featuring flavortext from another Cardsmith card that they came up with first. That's basically it. There hasn't been many entries so it'd be cool to see some new ones. OK well TTYL!
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos

    17 actually. I think you'd be about 13 here from your reaction to this.


    Nonono, it's good! I'm just messing around. If it's good the type doesn't matter. I don't mind. :3
  • And hey, you can replace your entries with better cards if you wish.
  • @Shadow29870 Hmm...

    "I'm not afraid to put my bias in based on you saying that for my judging."

    Biased judgment?


    Childish behavior?

    Are you sure you're 17? Seems like you're the one who is just not yet hit the puberty.
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos

    Yep, biased judgment. Meaning you are less likely to win.

    And yes, I can act like a child. What's the point in being older if you can't act childlike at times? Life isn't much fun being serious all the time.

    Anywho, I'll leave it at 'you're more likely to lose the contest now unless you really wow me' and goodbye. Have a nice day sir or madam!
  • (And... check your grammer. Makes you look stupid when you're trying to be serious)
  • @Sorinjace

    Anywho, now that that's gone, what's up man? And, where might the challenge you spoke of be?
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    @Shadow29870 it fell back to page 2. It's called Savor the Flavor Text (I think or it's just savor the flavor) I'm working on an example card as we speak for it I'm using flavor text from a cool card by @dechujoh64.
  • @Sorinjace , sounds fun. I commented there so check it. I can't wait for home so I can join in... Also! How does one ever get a contest in for Circuit challenges? I'm curious.
  • @Shadow29870 contact @Corwinnn he can assist you with that! :)
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