Funky Flavor Challenge!

Hey! I recently got a pet Hermit Crab, which got me thinking about making a hermit crab card in Magic the Gathering. I wanted it to capture the flavor or changing shells every so often and being weak without a shell. That gave me this idea...

The goal of this challenge is to create a card around a certain organisms and perfectly capture how that organism works in real life.

If I get enough entries, the 6 remaining contestants will do a Funky Flavor Challenge for real life items. Then, the final 3 will make a planeswalker to accurately depict a historical figure or celebrity.

Each person has unlimited entries, and I judge based on mostly flavor, but also balancing.

Anyways, here are your options: Hermit Crab, Coral Reef, Mosquito, Snapping Turtle, Moss, Blobfish , Flounder. If you have another wacky organism in mind, like maybe a plant, just ask and I'll decide if I could allow it.

One last announcement, there is another awesome challenge that needs more contestants. I've had a lot of fun with it and, even if you hate me, please go check it out. @WickedShadow196 's Contest of Dinosaurs! Well, without further ado, get brewing!


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