(FoS) Fateshifted Mechanics #2: A Tragic Fate

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Hello everyone. It will be a little while before I can become as active as I want to in the community (job + can’t use the site when dad’s using the Xbox, which is pretty much any time I have free time). However, while I have a spare moment to disgrace you with my presence, I have come up with Fateshifted mechanics for my not-so-dormant casual multiplayer set Fall of Smiths! As the multiverse spirals into chaos, different events from different timelines clash, and as such, many mechanics make an appearance in the set, some from MTG’s past, some from fellow Cardsmiths, and some “fateshifted” mechanics never seen before...

The Challenge: Make one, two, or three two card pairs (front and back) using the Fateshifted mechanic Fatecast from my casual set Fall of Smiths!

This one will take some explaining, so read carefully and ask questions if you need to.

Using Fatecast On Cards

Fatecast cards are double sided cards. The front side is a permanent, which means an enchantment, artifact, creature, land, or, if you do so dare, a planeswalker even. The back side, however, will be an instant or sorcery with the subtype Fate. If you are using variant 2, or want to make variant 1 instant speed, make its backside an instant. Otherwise, make it a sorcery if you want Variant 1 to only happen as a sorcery.

Variant 1

(cost): Fatecast (reverse side name) (To fatecast, cast this card’s Fate side. For Fate sorceries, fatecast only as a sorcery.)

Variant 2

(Condition), fatecast (reverse side name) (To fatecast, cast this card’s Fate side. For Fate sorceries, fatecast only as a sorcery.)

An Example

Ominous Bell/Death Toll

Side One


Tap: Put a fate counter on Ominous Bell

B: Put a fate counter on Ominous Bell

Remove 12 fate counters from Ominous Bell: Fatecast Death Toll

Side Two


Exile target creature or planeswalker.

How does it work?

You will cast Ominous Bell face up like it’s a regular artifact. Then, when you’re ready to pay the fatecast cost, you may cast the card’s reverse side. However, since it’s a sorcery, you must wait until a time you can cast a sorcery. Then, when you cast it, the permanent will no longer be on the field. The card will be whatever the reverse side is, in this case, Death Toll. It will be treated as a spell on the stack, resolving, then going wherever it would normally go.

Remember! Good cards get the ultimate reward; a favorite, their card featured in the set, and maybe even a follow!


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    Dormant VolcanoViolent Birth
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