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So @dechujoh64 and I have been talking. We don't see much if not anything at all happening on the weekends on this site. The site is already acting like they "hate" favorites when let's be honest, a lot of Cardsmith can appreciate them. Then there is card submissions. it generally starts to slow down around Friday, and starts to pick back up Sunday night, if the site is lucky. So I have tried to address this topic in the past where I created weekend warriors weekend contest it didn't pan over as well as I had hoped, so I had it closed. It proved my theory and @dechujoh64's theory about when to participate in the forums or create cards. The site is all about timing. You can make a great card 1 day and no one will favorite it or comment on it, yet another couple days go by and you make the same card again after editing or deleting or what not and it will get favored or commented on or both. Timing man, timing.
Yes, I get it. People have lives. I've accepted this. However where is the faves or comments on cards during the weekdays then if you actually like a card? Where's the support? There are cards for people on here all over that their hard work don't get recognition of some kind, even if it is a favorite at least that let's the Cardsmith know you checked their card(s) out. This is frustrating.

So as far as my cards go, If you legitimately like a card of mine, please let me know as soon as you can since you somehow took notice of it anyways. If I don't hear anything about cards I create anymore after a certain time, they are deleted, never to come back unless asked or I want to give it another try. So if you want me to keep a card on here, you have to let me know asap. I think watching that @dechujoh64 feels the same, idk. Thoughts?


  • I think it is just the summer bc some people are parents
  • @DoctorFro yeah your probably right. Cards can be a lot of work on here, you know.
  • Yea...also Fortnite is time consuming
  • Also keep in mind, the majority of the users on this site are 7th thru 12th grade. Their parents dictate their availability. This is something that occurs every summer. Plus Fortnite is time consuming
  • @Corwinnn Wait 7th-12th grade. Have I been hanging out with a bunch of kids this entire time?? Hang on... Am I secretly a kid?? Probably. Or not. Who knows. Probably someone. Or no one. Who cares? The government. Lol.
  • @KrampisZman - I'm pretty sure we're both secretly kids!
  • I would make more cards. But I caved and bought a great box of egg incubators in pokemon go and now I've got a ton of Alola region eggs to hatch.
  • Also I made a card I thought was REALLY good but nobody commented or favorited and you know what. I still think it's really good regardless. Sometimes your best work gets glanced at and passed over because the art doesn't jump out or the name isn't sticky, etc. c'est la vie.
  • Mm. I can understand this, don't get me wrong, but... well, in part lifes are had, and in part, I don't have inspiration often. Ussually comes from challenges, so I'm not on much in general.
  • I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of egg incubators...
  • I am a rising junior in high school so...
  • I am creating a set now so that is my inspriation
  • I do get that people have lives beyond cardsmith, I DO. but for me, it's even worse.

    First off I have University Schoolwork to think about and work on. It takes up a lot of my time during the day. Second, I have a volunteer job I have to do for a certain luxury for being a poor person. Third I have a Volunteer job at the place where I lay my head down at night so I can have the points so I can eat the next day. So my time is very limited with when I can make cards. It is limited to the nighttime. So when I do make a card THERE IS NO TRAFFIC on the site. My cards get little to no hits and very few faves. It gets frustrating to the point of WHY AM I HERE on this site. I have to dig and hunt for help. I have to dig for the faves. Before I deleted A LOT and I mean A LOT of my cards go look at them go and see how many have a GOOSE EGG. then go look and see which ones have @sorinjace within the first 3. I need him just to get my cards to see any light of day to get any help.

    I don't like putting my cards on the 2 "see what other's think" pages because the people who have usually commented on my cards are people who can't even follow there own rules they set forth onto my cards without putting it on theirs.

    This is just me venting my same frustrations about what sorinjace put up.
    No one will stop me from deleting my cards.
  • Meanwhile... In the hall...
  • Mr. Squirrel my good sir. Can you close this discussion please? Thanks @Corwinnn.
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