Reactivation Challenge #48: Planeswalker Lore Contest

"Years ago a smith created an amazing contest, then another and another. Each new contest more amazing than the last. Eventually someone made what many deemed, the greatest contest OF ALL TIME!! Countless Entries were made, so it would take months to judge... or so it seemed. The community patiently waited for an answer that would never come as it's creator vanished mysteriously without a trace from the pages of history. It was then that Tomigon joined forced with Corwinnnn and they formed the cardwatch. The merry Band of Misfits vowed never again would this happen, and thus the Reactivation Challenge was born! "
(Thanks @Lastjustice)
Original Contest:

Original Contest's Description:
This challenge is to create one or more planeswalker(s) and 1-3 non-planeswalker cards that reference that planeswalker. I was inspired by the Oath of the Gatewatch oath cards and the Hour of Devastation defeat cards. Planeswalkers must be realistic and original as possible and other cards must reference the planeswalker in the name and/or flavor text.

New/Updates to Description:
If there isn't space, the cards aren't required to reference the planeswalker specifically, but it should be obvious (either through story or other cards) why they are related lorewise.

1. Maximum of 3 Entries
2. Old Entries allowed
3. This is unusual, but please do not switch between entries. You may switch some cards/edit those cards, but don't completely change an entry due to the amount concerned with them.

Edit:Deadline: August 20th, 2018

Prizes (New!):
1st: 4 Favorites of your choice and the ability to choose an Honorable Mention

2nd: 3 Favorites of your choice and the ability to choose an Honorable Mention

3rd: 2 Favorites of your choice and the ability to choose an Honorable Mention

Honorble Mentions: 1 Favorite of your choice
*Entries not included in the favorites*

*Reactivation Disclaimer:
1 ) An inactive challenge is chosen to be reactivated, it gets posted for new submissions with a new deadline.
2 ) The new judge cannot choose his or her own submissions as the winner.
3 ) After the winners are declared, the judge selects one participant as the next host (must be an active member).
4 ) The chosen participant chooses the next challenge that has been inactive for over 2 months. He or she hosts it as the reactivation judge.
5 ) The reactivation judge starts this process all over from step 1.
6 ) New discussion is opened for each reactivated challenge. A link to the original challenge is put there.
7 ) The alternate judge must type original judge's name after "@" to notice that his or her challenge is reactivated by the alternate judge.
8 ) The original judge has a right to take over their original challenge or to ask for it to remain open and unresolved at any time prior to a winner being declared and posted.

( ^ @NextJudge Copy this disclaimer and the Intro story to your new challenge thread.



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    Lore is not the most only part of this contest; if you write an amazing story but the cards are completely unbalanced, you will not win. Also, if you don’t have much lorewise, that doesn’t mean you can’t place.
    Here are two examples of lore for the same Planeswalker and set of cards. Neither one is necessarily better than the other.

    The plane Khaast was forever synonymous with chaos, first born with three leylines competing for the power of the plane: The Sorxha, which thrived with the creation of unpredictability and naturality; Parthanos, which encouraged order and civilization through its sources of magic; and Morthas, an Abyss of death, seeking the continue the cycle of life. These leylines fought and grew, extending their domains to encompass the entire plane. Smaller leylines also appeared, but the original three were the only who had a form of sapience, being able to exert their own “thoughts” to meld the plane to their liking. This conflict continued for ages, as societies spawned (primarily within Parthanos’ realm), mountains crumbled, and the Mending occurred.
    Maliaer Nilvas was a human born within the gates of the city Parthanos, the central city within the leyline Parthanos’s jurisdiction. She never enjoyed the strict rules under which the city was led, but had to wait until she was old enough to become a member of the alchemist’s guild. During that wait, she experienced many aspects of the Sorxha and Morthas: bodies walking days after the flesh had decayed, people walking out of the wrong gate and just going “pop!” and many more unusual scenarios. What she couldn’t explain, however, through her knowledge of both of the other leylines was a single event that she saw: a man opening up a rift like the ones she had seen outside of Parthanos within Parthanos. All of her knowledge pointed to that not being possible, but she couldn’t deny it happening.
    Maliaer’s life as an alchemist was, at least to the other alchemists, uneventful; however, to her it was the most important part of her life. She studied everything she could about scenarios like the one with the man that no one could seem to explain. With this research, she discovered several other similar occurrences, and began experimenting to try to find out why these people could cause such transformations within Parthanos’s domain.
    She tried for year after year, spending almost a decade with no luck. By this point, desperate to find some reason for these actions, she began exploring the Sorxha to find something that might hint at a solution to her query. And she thought she found it: an herb she had never seen before, it had to be the solution!
    She began concocting a potion with a new vigor, confident that this would give her the answer that she had been looking for. She finished the remedy in less than a day, eager to complete her decades-long experiments.
    And then, she dropped it. Exhausted after not sleeping in her fever for several days, not to mention having walked miles back to Parthanos after finding the herb, Maliaer faltered for a second, and the vial slipped from her fingers, and hit the ground. An ear splitting sound came from it as a blue flame spread from the insides of the vial, covering Maliaer’s entire body. And then, she was gone.
    When she opened her eyes, she was floating in what seemed to be pure energy, with no other objects within sight. She had ignited her spark, but accidentally in the process gotten trapped in the Blind Eternities. She spent the next century within this void, trying to escape and in the process discovering abilities that she had manifested. She could project images onto planes while remaining in the blind eternities, as well as take some small objects into the blind eternities and interact with them their.
    Finally, she managed to get back. It had seemed like centuries in the Blind Eternities, but had been less than 3 years since she had left Khaast in the first place. Upon returning to the ground, she discovered multiple things: her powers were amplified on planes, allowing her to transport almost anything to a spot in the Blind eternities, suspended in an essentially timeless animation. However, she could not maintain her body on a physical plane, and without extreme concentration she would be sent back to the Blind Eternities, where she was much weaker but almost invincible against matters on planes.
    What Maliaer didn’t realize was that upon returning to Khaast from the Blind Eternities, she had also pulled a part of the Blind Eternities onto the plane. This fragment began adapting to the leylines, mimicking their abilities and strengthening the conflict between them. Khaast quickly devolved into a complete battleground, with each ancient Leyline using all of their power to try to expand their frontiers while the fragment slowly grew and grew, unnoticed by everyone.
    But this was all lost to Maliaer, who had now left Khaast and began traveling the planes, seeking a way to become grounded to reality again.

    Maliaer Nilvas was a human alchemist who, during an experiment on demiplanes within the confines of a plane governed by the clash of chaos and order, ignited her spark in a freak experiment. However, rather than planeswalking to another plane, she got trapped within the Blind Eternities, and slowly learned how this position allowed her to control parts of the Blind Eternities at will.
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  • Final Note:
    I am already considering entries from the original, but not reposting them because of how much space they take up.
  • what's the deadline? also, can the accessory cards also be planeswalkers?
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    Deadline in 3 weeks (August 4th)
    Also, Planeswalkers are allowed as accessory cards
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  • Harunah is a direct descendant of Lord Windgrace, one of Urza's Nine Titans. He stalked the dark jungle of Urborg for many years, protecting the spirits that reside there from invaders in return for small amonts of their power. But Belzenlok's reign was too much for him to fight alone, and he was forced into exile lest he be captured. After years of witnessing the oppression the denizens of Urborg suffered at the hands of the demon, his spark ignited when he witnessed an entire village wiped out by Cabal death magic. His first planeswalk to New Phyrexia put the struggles of his people in perspective and opened his eyes to the ancient enemy his ancestor once fought. He made a pact to return and liberate Mirrodin once he saved his home from the Cabal.

    Upon his return to Dominaria, he was one of the few living Panther Warriors to join Jhoira, Gideon, and Teferi on their assault on the Cabal Stronghold. After their success, he revealed himself as a planeswalker and pledged an oath to follow in his ancestor’s footsteps and protect the multiverse with his mastery of black mana and thought-breaking magic.

    Harunah's compassion for those who suffer is not selfless. Deep down, he seeks out those weaker than him so that he can feel strong and powerful. He fears no fight, only his own inadequacy.

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    Born in Ravnica, June Wetherbee had always been an adventurous girl. She spent her days bugging angels, staring at vampires and wondering how big gruul can actually get. But the guild that drew her attention the most is the Simic Combine and their various biological experiments. She dreamed of becoming part of it and researching the secrets of life.

    One fateful day, an accident occurred at the Simic Combine and many fantastical and horrible creatures escaped. The Boros responded immediately, but many slipped through into the streets of Ravnica. To June, this was like a holiday. She rushed over immediately to see what she considered the wonders of biology. Along the way, an orange blur sped past her and down an alleyway. Curiosity piqued, she followed the creature and found a whimpering little fox. It looked hurt. June tried to calm it down and see what was wrong, but it kept twisting its form out of her reach, changing its body like liquid. She realized it must be a shapeshifter from the Simic Combine accident. Taking some food from her pack, June finally managed to coax it still and take a look at its injuries.

    As June was treating the fox, its predator had been sniffing it out. Finding not just one but two prey, it pounced on them. With a scream, June huddled over the fox to protect it and braced herself for the tearing claws and gnashing teeth... But instead found herself on bright springy grass. Looking up, June found herself on a vast savannah, a sight that would have been impossible on Ravnica, and in the distance she saw animals that she had never seen or read of before. The fox yipped, catching her attention. She stood up, excitement in her eyes.

    Wither her planeswalker spark ignited, she traveled the multiverse with her pet Simic Combine fox, Basil, finding new creatures and cultures to explore and study. It was beyond what she ever could have dreamed of back on Ravnica.

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    The first daughter and second child of Queen Holimion of the Elven kingdom of Velenthas upon the plane of Teremina, Maiathath grew up in a life of luxury, but never quite took to the gentler aspects of elven culture. She would always prefer practicing her swordsmanship to hearing poetry or learning magics, for which she had no talent. To the shock of all but her mother, she quickly became so skilled with the blade that she was the rival of many of the great Elven champions, many centuries her senior. At the age of only 92 she set out and began travelling the lands, fighting beasts, bandits, monsters, and even slaying a mighty red dragon. Unfortunately her carefree wandering could not last, the expanding Tel'darin empire made a move to absorb the kingdom of Velenthas. Sending legions in numbers previously unheard of, with powerful clerics and mighty magics the Empire quickly overwhelmed the boarder. Maiathath returned to find a brutal and bloody war as the Elven numbers dwindled in the face of the seemingly endless fresh soldiers their enemies could bring to bear. With her return, Maiathath, along with her brother Ivellios, led their people in turning the tide. For fifty years the war raged on and off, neither side able to win a decisive victory, nor hold any territory conquered, the boarders changed almost monthly, clerics on both sides ensuring that though tens of thousands died, few remained so. One day, as she was heading between fortresses in territory her forces had claimed from the Empire, Maiathath and her convoy were ambushed. Many of her guards fell quickly, leaving her to fight nearly alone. Still, she and her remaining guards fought valiantly until eventually an archer managed to get a clear shot at her as she was engaged with several other opponents. Time seemed to slow as Maiathath could only watch the arrow which would end her life approach. She despaired as she had never been slain before and closed her eyes. But when she opened them she was not standing among broken bodies upon a blood soaked battlefield, but atop a peaceful cliff overlooking a small hamlet. Nonplused she made her way into the town, the residents having obviously never seen an elf before by how they gawked. There she learned of the plight of Innistrad, the seemingly godless world to which she'd arrived. Unsure of how to return to her home and unwilling to allow people to be slain at the whims of vampiric overlords or wandering hordes of ghoulcaller experiments Maiathath swore that she would not just halt the tide here. Here, she would win!
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