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  • Recently I was asked what we're looking for. As one of the judges, I can only say what I look for...
    Custom Art - Firstly, it needs to be Custom Art. Does it need to be 100% Original? Yes...and No. If you want to make your version of an existing card, for example Whippoorwill, that's fine just as long as the art is original. You'll lose points on the card side, but if you simply added "Flying" you would get those points back, as that would make it Strictly Better.
    Conveyance - Does the Art work with your card? It doesn't have to be sophisticated artwork, but it should tie into the card. Volcanic Eruption, for example, clearly conveys the message of the card, while being quite simple.
    Playability - Can you add 2 or 3 keywords? Sure, you can do that, but keep in mind that I'm not looking for the most sophisticated custom card ever made, I'm looking for something simple that doesn't detract from the other work you've done on the card (see artwork) Glasses of Urza is a simple and effective card.

    Don't be afraid to enter because you can't draw the most amazing fantasy art ever seen in the universe. Some of the best Magic Cards wouldn't be Magic Cards at all if that was the criteria!

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    The one thing I think every Core Set must have... a Dragon!

    Here's my entry:

    Here's a bigger picture:

    For the link to the Time Lapse, go here:
  • This contest isn't over by a long shot! There's still more to come, so hold on to your butts!

    Nice piece @Faiths_Guide. Was that done with oil pastel? How large is the actual piece? It comes off to me as a painting. The top of the creature didn't make me think of a Dragon, but the work was done with a lot of detail, I can tell you had been at it for some time :)
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    It was done digitally in Procreate on the iPad Pro, but I'm glad you think it is similar to a painting because that was what I was going for!

    What is it that makes it look different than a Dragon to you?

    Thanks for your kind words!

    P.S. A Time Lapse can be found in this discussion:
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    @Faiths_Guide it just looked different probably because of the way his head looked to me is all, it was the angle I'm guessing.
  • @sorinjace
    A lot of designs separate the head from the neck with frills/spikes/etc. but I opted not to here. Did you get a chance to check out the time lapse?
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    Procreate is so great. I'm making more art using it too. But I don't have an ipad pro, just an iPhone 7. It works surprisingly well.
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    Yes, Procreate Pocket is another great application. That Australian team has really impressed me, I wish I'd put more time into practicing on the app!

    P.S. I'm doing my best to help @Dechujoh64 out in PM. They've got a really neat concept going so far!
    The final version. Finally fixed all the bugs and weird text. This is my final submission version. (Got a good tip from @saveria201)
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    So I wanted to do a naturalize card at first, but darn it I really wanted to draw a Homunculus creature, so I also went with simplicity and effectiveness and a dash of humor. He's even got a bandana on because he's guarding the gates (to what? Idk yet. Lol) he wants so bad to be accepted by the 'tough guys' of the mtg universe. anyways hope you guys like it. Im too broke to have a fancy iPod or what not, so I sketched mine out.

  • @sorinjace
    Not to shabby. You did a good job!
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    Hopefully everyone understands this isn't about creating "The most professional looking card", so don't be intimidated by some of the cards you see here.

    We want everyone to have a platform to showcase themselves. This site is about learning, and growing and enjoying all the different aspects of Custom Cardsmithing, and that should also include creating our own art... it doesn't get any more custom than that!!

    And there are plenty of artists here who love to help us stick figure artists, so if you want some tips, ask away!

    Afterall, this is ARTISTIC AUGUST!

  • @modnation675 I snuck in an easteregg in the art: notice the bandana on Dfndr? It's in reference to the cute gizmo famous from the gremlins movies. He watches a Rambo movie early on so later he dons a bandana to show his toughness it was cute so I wanted the same feel here. I wanted Gatekeeper to show he isn't a 'coward' just because he's a homunculus! Lol it's also in reference to doorkeeper and flbthp from MTG.

    @Corwinnn is right. This is supposed to be about fun in the end. Faiths guide has awesome art, it SHOULD be on more cards if you ask me. Its not my best work artistically, not by a long shot. But I love how it all came out in the end as a card, because I kept putting more work into it the card got better. So I guess it's a good example of what he's trying to say.
  • @sorinjace - I RoFLMao'd a wee bit when I saw that card... in the good way!
  • @sorinjace
    I'd love to take a spin at this, but I have to think of some good ideas as that's our only issue.

    Aside from that, we're reasonably good at photoshop. So wish us luck!
  • @Corwinnn that's the spirit! I'm just picturing a squirrel laughing hysterically on his back rolling around.

    @modnation675 good luck! I'm sure it'll be sweet whatever you can create.
  • @Faiths_Guide I haven't had a full chance yet, I will check it out when I can!
  • @modnation675
    Awesome, can't wait!

  • Does photography count?
  • Bolide Dragon was updated!
  • @Ranshi922 - The official rules...

    "Create a Custom Card that would/should exist within a Core set, using original artwork created and owned by you."

    I guess that's a wide range of possibilities. If you look at some of @Tommia's cards, he makes custom art with photographs all the time...

    So I suppose it's up to you if you want to go in that direction.
  • @Corwinnn Welp... now that I’m involved, I guess I’ll have to enter when I get a chance...

  • @Tommia's involved? Aw yeah can't wait to see what you come up with! ( pstpst...! A new version of naturalize! Lol) @Ranshi922 core sets are usually the bread and butter of MTG (hence my joking about naturalize) if that helps you out any!
  • By naturalize I mean another card similar, not exactly naturalize, but close.
  • @sorinjace, got it. One of the photograph ones will be an unhinged tho, but it won't be submitted.
  • let me know when it gets done I'd still like to check it out. You could possibly put it in the August is Art month discussion
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    Digital art, drawn on the Inspire Pro app. Here is the full artwork:

  • @Temurzoa
    Wow! I didn't realize that it's your art when I saw that card. Very cool art!
    The link to the full art goes to the card's page btw.
  • Not the best artist in the world, but I think I might be able to do something nice. It mIght be a bit last second though.
  • Great entries so far, just a few days left to get your entries added for a chance at IMMORTALITY!
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