Family Matters **Circuit Challenge**

Hello, everyone here at MTG Cardsmith.

I have decided to come back into the contest making scene by bringing you a contest with a subject that means a whole lot to me.

Family Matters... or for short FAMILY.

Now I'm not trying to have a pity party here but her is my reasoning behind doing this contest.

Family means a lot to me. I have very little of my family left that sees me on any type of basis. I say this because my Mother and Father have both passed away 4 and 8 years respectively. I was technically an only child. One thing I didn't know until later in life was the fact that I had an older sister. She was born 3 years before me and was a Pre-mi and she died by SIDS. Her name was Katyhrine (Ka-thir-in) and I keep her in memory to this day by honoring her by naming my heart after her.
The family I do get to see lives 60 miles away from me and I only see them at best once a month and I cherish that moment because it may be the last time I ever will get to see them.
I HOPE now you can see why I chose this subject as my first contest after about 4 months of not doing one.

Now onto the contest, this contest is simple yet at the same time CHALLENGING.

I would like you the Cardsmith to find a Legendary creature that has no family and give it a family member.
Sorta like how the Umezawa clan is in magic.[umezawa]

But to show you what I want in a card here are some examples I made.

This is My card talking about her "Mother" Admiral Beckett Brass.


and these cards are Fumiko the Lowblood talking about her "New Son" Burain, Blind to Fate.


This up above is what I want in a card. It's mainly about the flavor text part but let us see if you can make the card flavorful too. Good luck to all and here are the rules...

Alright MO! please, can you give us the rules of the game...
Alright Mac, here they are...
#1 New cards, please.
#2 You MUST mention in some way the real MTG card in the FLAVOR TEXT. (whether it is just a part of the name or the full.)
#2.5 YES THERE MUST BE FLAVOR TEXT. (NO you don't need the "Dominaria Line")
#3 When you post your card, in some fashion post either a link to the real card or post the real card with it like I did.
#4 The number of entries one can submit is UNLIMITED.
#5 The card must be flavorful in both the text box and the flavor text.

Now for the Prizes
The top three shall be put into the Hall of Fame
and their prizes are as follows...(If I follow you add one more favorite)

First Place gets 5 Favorites of your choice and a Follow and an ONE MONTH PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP *FREE*
Second Place gets 4 Favorites of your choice and a Follow.
Third Place gets 3 Favorites and a Follow.

Each of the chosen winners MUST choose an Honorable Mention.
4th through 6th place shall get their card Favorited and one choice of their own.

every other submission will be favorited.

Circuit Challenge Points are as follows
First Place = 1 Circuit Point
Second Place = 3/4 Circuit Point
Third Place = 1/2 Circuit Point
All other places and Honorable Mentions will earn 1/4 Circuit Point

The Deadline for this CONTEST is and WILL BE...
August 7th, 2018 which was Katyhrine (Katy's Birthday)

Thank you for enjoying this competition.
Danke, dass Sie diesen Wettbewerb genießen.
この大会を楽しんでくれてありがとう Kono taikai o tanoshinde kurete arigatō (Please don't butcher me for this, Tomigon.:3)

Now let's get to it.


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