Go Fetch! **Circuit Challenge**

Fellow cardsmiths, I present to you my 20th contest, Go Fetch!

This contest will be about land fetching. The land fetch cards have to have a named mechanic that gives you an extra reward if a criteria is met. We will use Threshold and Cycling as an example:


These two cards are an example of what I am looking for.

Yes, I'm even allowing custom mechanics here by our own cardsmiths. Find a way to make your land fetch cards awesome and actually fun to play. Be creative!

The rules:

1.) You are allowed to submit up to 5 entries max.

2.) New cards allowed only.

3.) The card(s) you submit may be of the following Super Types: Sorcery, Instant, Enchantment, Artifact, Land, and Creature. No Planeswalkers for this challenge please. *Rules update*

4.) Please credit the artist if possible. Don't worry this won't discredit you, but if a tie arises, this could be the decider between a possible tie if the other card has the artist credited on the card.

5.) Entries must be submitted by the end of the day on August 13th 2018 est USA.

For the winners!

3rd place = 3 favorites of their choice!

2nd place = 4 favorites of their choice and their choice of 1 honorable mention!

1st place = 5 favorites of their choice, their choice of 2 honorable mentions, and a 1 month premium membership!!

In addition, all 3 placing contestants will have their names forever engraved in the hall of fame, and each cardsmith who places will be named on a trophy from the trophy account as well! Awesome!

In addition to ALL THAT...
Honorable mentions will get 1/4 Circuit Point
Third Place will collect 1/2 Circuit Point
Second Place will garner 3/4 Circuit Point
First Place will obtain 1 Circuit Point

Lets get to land fetching! Happy cardsmithing, everyone! - sorinjace :)


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    @sorinjace Does cycling count (since the card with cycling is discard and goes to the graveyard)? Also, can the land go to your hand/graveyard/exile, or does it have to go to the battlefield?
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    @bnew07 cycling by itself will work but there already is land cycling so I'm not sure what your asking...? Ill try to answer you the best i can, its really simple: so long as the card rewards you for fetching land by using the landcycling then it'd work. Its just that the landcycling would have to give you EXTRA incentive after a situation/criteria has been met from the original way the card fetches land. (Like another example: search your library for a land card, etc.etc... If you have the cities blessing, you may search for 2 land cards instead, etc.etc. (there's an idea, ascend! You'd cover two contests in one, maybe 3 if its a creature that's a relative of a legendary creature in magic!)

    *cough* achem. Sorry. Going forward... So what I'm looking for is a card that fetches land from anywhere and has a mechanic that gives you extra incentive to do so, like my example card using threshold. It can be any mechanic custom or from MTG, IDC if its a mechanic allowed in standard mtg or not, which is why custom is allowed in this contest. but do try to find a way to make it balanced if you use an ability that may never make a comeback to standard!
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    Search for the Sands
    (edit: Wow... that's a lot of comments on just one card. Thanks for all the help @Everyone !
    Also, remade the card so it uses "exert" instead. Hopefully this should work...)
    Seek for LandSeashore Lighthouse
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    @LyndonF while your card is good, it doesn't quite meet the contest's requirements. It needs to be a land that is a criteria met land. To be specific, a land WITH A MECHANIC.

    In other words, this mechanic is the better payoff then the basic premise of the card if the criteria for the mechanic is met. Does this make sense?
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    Entry 1

    Entry 2
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    So wait, the card HAS to have some sort of named/keyworded mechanic?

    For example, if Lydon's card said "Stewart - Search your library for a basic land or Desert card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library. If you control a tapped creature, untap that land," would that be something that would count for the contest?

    Or are you saying that the reward of "If you control a tapped creature, untap that land," isn't much of a reward and you'd rather see cards like "If you control a tapped creature, search your library for another land card...," instead?
  • image
    Forgot to make it a warrior.
    Does this count? The rules are a little vague.
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    @Aryanf amazing entries, please keep it up!

    @BorosPaladin yup, that works! I'm still working on the rules so they aren't so 'vague'. Cool entry btw!
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    @sorinjace I think @ManaChrome is just using a random word to ask if Lydon's card would be acceptable if he put any keyword in front of it. I'm in the same boat and not sure why "If you control a tapped creature, untap that land." is not an extra mechanical reward for casting the card. Although there's a typo there somewhere I'm sure. Either @LydonF intended for the land to come into play tapped, or he intended to untap the creature.
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    @fiskerton well if that is the case, then this is how it should be read:

    Search For the Sands by @LyndonF



    "Search your library for a basic land or Desert card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle.

    Delirium - If you control a tapped creature, untap that land as long as there are four or more card types among cards in your graveyard."

    @fiskerton @ManaChrome that is what it would read as then. :) to be allowed as an entry for this contest.
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    "mechanic" is not official mtg word. There are keyword abilities, action keywords, ability words in magic, and in this site we started to call them all "mechanics" when Custom Mechanics Encyclopedia For All was made.

    I thought ability words are what you wanted to see at first, but you say Prowl and BorosPaladin's custom keyword ability also work, so now I'm confused. @LyndonF's Search For the Sands says "If you control a tapped creature, untap that land." That part is also "a mechanic that gives you an extra reward for casting the card in its required scenario."
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    I guess, but I mean like, if the keyword "Stewart" was specifically pertaining to controlling a tapped creature, like how Delirium is specifically pertaining to having four or more types in your graveyard. I guess it would be about how creative the mechanic actually is, but would that work?

    Or does this mean that the card would work if it were worded another way but still basically had the same function? Like this:

    "Search your library for a basic land or Desert card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle.

    Stewart - Untap that land if you control a tapped creature."
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    I think some people and you are thinking the term 1 differently, and that's the source of confusion. I think (1) is;
    1) "Mechanic" - covers all terms because of the mechanics encyclopedia. rule texts that are written in the text box.

    LyndonF's card doesn't use keyword ability or ability word. But it DOES has a mechanic that gives you an extra reward for casting the card in its required scenario. So it meets the requirement of this contest (before you edited it.) I wanted to let you know.

    You brought up Delirium as an example, but I think what @ManaChrome wants to know is if it's ok or not if LyndonF's card is fixed with custom ability word, like "Bob - If you control a tapped creature, untap that land." (I didn't see the edited comment.)

    But I think I understood what you are looking for after seeing new examples. So you always want to see keywords or ability names. And LyndonF's Search For the Sands disqualifies because it doesn't use keywords or ability words. Am I right?
  • It all makes sense now.
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    I'm confused. Just kidding.
  • Lol @Faiths_Guide. Yeah I believe so @Tomigon :) let's ride with that. How should I put that in the rules so it saves from future confusion?
  • @sorinjace I would suggest "The land fetch cards have to have a named mechanic that gives you...."
  • image

    Entry 1 using Explore from XLN/RIX
  • @KalamMekhar yes that's what I'm talking about! Explore works!

    @TheCenterOfTheUniverse ok. I'll update the contest rules.
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    Deleted due to the needed criteria.
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    Been a while, so let's try this one for size

  • @Credius welcome back! And I like graveyard manipulation cards, so Crow Sage to me looks like a fun card! Nice work!
  • Official 1st entry.

  • image

    Who says you have to fetch your own lands? Entry 2. A devious blue version of Knight of the Reliquary.
  • Yes, yes, yes! Beautiful entry @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos! :)
  • @KalamMekhar wow. There is a lot of possibilities with Knight of the Illusory... very cool entry.
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    Here's mine, pretty proud of it.
  • Hello Guys,
    How do I participate ?
    Just copy and paste here?
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    Hi @ZAHADOOM! Welcome to the forums. You can post here your entries. I will put the code up here that you need to post entries. You can copy and paste the link if your having trouble figuring the code out but if you want the image to show with a link to your card(s) you will need the code. I'll provide you that info. below this comment!
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