Its a slow Process

Its back. Now with more pizzazzle, Laryk, a plane of survival.

Some of the themes that I want to include are
-Survival Matters, as this is a set in which everything is very difficult and surviving is what is most important.
-Sacrificing, as the "Antagonists" are people who worship dark gods and they believe the only way to appease them is with sacrifice.

As I stated earlier survival is important so
Survive-When this (Permanent) enters the battlefield/ When you cast this spell if a creature you control took damage this turn (effect)
Scholarly (If you would draw a card except for the first time each turn, if this creature isn't scholarly, you may instead put a +1/+1 counter on this creature and it becomes scholarly.)


There are 2 gods, Othillios, god of destruction and Kourvac, god of death, whose followers and worshipers are trying to summon them to bring about the plane of Laryk's damnation, they are not necessarily on the same side but work towards a common goal. On the other side, old guild leaders of the Selesnya and the Azorious lead groups of survivors of an unknown catastrophe in an attempt to stop the gods worshipers and save the plane, again not on the same team but common goal. Also at some point in time Gideon is forcibly planeswalked to Laryk, the plane where this all goes down. On Laryk he discovers the ability to control small amounts of black mana and more importantly, specifically Black dragons with the help of the elder black dragon, Kizzak he learns to control this power. The twoFormer Guild leaders are Nya, once a planeswalker who lost her spark in the catastrophe, and Azor, the sphinx who was planeswalked here by Ugin to continue his cycle, but by the time he realised the state of the plane Ugin was gone and he had no way to contact him.

WU: Combo Control: Control your opponents until the late game then win on the spot via an alternate win condition or combo.
UB Cruel Control:Counter everything, then if something gets by, kill it.
BR Suicide Aggro:Lots of small creatures that have death effects hitting face or dying, either way you still win in the end.
RG Beatdown Aggro:Lots of small creatures, then lots of big creatures, and lots of damage.
GW Midrange Tokens:Create tokens, then get benefits from those tokens.
WR Aggro Control:Burn, hit face, gain life.
UG Aggro Ramp:Ramp, draw cards, hit hard.
BW Control:Kill everything, get the benefits.
UR Disruptive Aggro: Hit fast and counter everything they play.
GB Graveyard Control: Kill stuff, bring stuff back, win.

Things I still need help with
-More Mechanics
-Anything else that seems off

The Hydra King


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