Armies vs Planeswalkers

Hello Guys!

I'm here to propose a battle!

You must choose a side, Creatures or Planeswalkers (can include planeswalker characters as creatures).

You may only pick one and you can't change sides.

The challenge is I will create other super typed cards that you have to try your best to make a card or cards that suits it.
There is a limit to your entries though.

Instant or sorcery: Planeswalkers: 2 Cards, Creatures: 3 Card
Enchantment: Planeswalkers: 1 Card Creatures: 1 Card
Artifact: Planeswalkers: 2 Creatures: 1
Land or creature: Planeswalkers: 3 Creatures: 5

Give me suggestions or tips and I will keep score and tell stories of the epic battles1
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