Creature Feature (ongoing)

Hello fellow cardsmiths, and welcome to my ongoing challenge:


What is Creature Feature you may ask?
It is an ongoing challenge that participating cardsmiths get to create creatures for, and if they have priority, get to request the next creature made by another cardsmith, so on and and so forth.

What's Priority mean?
A cardsmith has priority if they are the first to submit a creature card for the previous creature request. First come, first serve, basically.

Does my card still count even if I'm not the first to submit the requested creature card?
Yes, your card still counts even if you aren't the first to create the requested creature by the cardsmith with priority. All that means is that your not able to request the next creature to be made. In order to do so, you have to be the 1st to create the most recent creature request by the cardsmith who has priority.

What is a deadline?
It's an undetermined amount of time in between other deadlines where creature cards will be submitted and judged. Within each deadline, there will be an extra challenge to be met until that deadline is complete. The criteria will change each deadline.

For now, as long as I am able to, I will oversee Creature Feature. I may drop cards here and there to clean messes up if any are to arrive, there may be prizes and other cool stuff down the road, the journey that creature feature takes will all be up to you, the cardsmiths!

Without further ado...

Let's get the ball rolling! I will start this out by requesting that someone create a Dragon Wizard!

Have fun, and remember, happy cardsmithing! -sj :)


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    Is it okay if I re-use artwork from a card I made a while ago?
  • Yep a OK with me @modnation675!
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    Favorited card: Default by @Default


    Requested Card: A Rat card.
  • @modnation675 What CREATURE type? That's the rule, Not a theme like you put.
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    Will change momentarily. (Changed)
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    image Not the kind of dragon you where expecting?
  • oh ill request a Cat Warrior
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    You have to make a rat card, not a dragon card. I already did that.
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    ok updated the rules and rules state that @modnation675 was the first to make a creature for the request, so his request for a rat creature gets priority, any other requests for creatures made while dropping an entry for the same creature is null and void (sorry!!) this is to avoid confusion and headaches. I will have help moderating this challenge as well @Shadow29870 has offered to moderate the challenge for me to help see it run smooth.

    so every card dropped is still legit and good for judging by next deadline, however the priority of creature requests falls to the first person who responds to creature requests.
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    @modnation675 and @thatguy2507

    Just to help this move along smoothly...

    I've created the appropriate requested card, so neither of you shall have to worry about it. And for @modnation675, I favorited

    (I couldn't make it a pic due to some technical issues but... well, here it is)

    And I request... a horror!

    And there is how this contest shall roll! Favorite a card from the previous contender and tell them which, submit your card made to their request, and then request your own! The rest is simple.
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    I favorited @Shadow29870
    Here is his horror

    Now for the next Cardsmith... Make an OFFICIAL Cat Warrior.
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    For the next cardsmith, I would like to see a PEGASUS creature!

    **bonus** whomever creates the creature card and posts this first here will recieve 2 favorites of their choice from me, not including their creature submitted here being favorited!
  • I like this
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    i get it now, for the next one hmmm --Merfolk wizard--
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    this is a response to what i have below: I was in idiot who didnt read.
  • I will proxy my own card making a separate art to be safe.
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    A proxy of my card Merfolk Aetherspreader

    I would like to see a Moonfolk Rogue

    (I'm giving up on color text. It just doesnt work)
  • (Any idea what I did wrong?)
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    @Ranshi922 nice to see your entry.
  • Glad to enter, @sorinjace! :) I will probably continue and since I am downloading a metric **** load (last time I checked it is an actual measurement) of images, I will probably be able to submit a lot to this.
  • Wait, you're posting old cards from other people?
  • @sorinjace & @Ranshi922
    @thatguy2507 posted an old card of mine for an entry.
  • @Sorinjace check here. According to Faiths_Guids, that unicorn belongs to him. Could yah check it out? Don't have my pc so I'm havin some issues. Until then... @thatguy2507 , please, only post cards you yourself make. It's rude to post cards someone else made, and goes against the spirit of the very website you use.

    Also, to all others, the current card is a 'Moonfolk Rouge'.
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    @Faiths_Guide @Shadow29870 I'll look into it.

    Meanwhile @thatguy2507 please submit only new cards that are submitted by you as the moderator @Shadow29870 suggested, I'm sorry if I didn't make that clear enough in the rules I'll go back and check. This challenge doesn't count spotlighting another cardsmiths card unless I state otherwise (of course itd be after a deadline is met.) Currently we are just starting this contest out so it shouldn't be this complicated to follow for now. Just make the currently requested creature and request the next one for the next cardsmith. Pretty straight forward.

    @Ranshi922 that's cool I hope you have some fun with this challenge! Can't wait to see what you create.
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    Ok so I looked into it and yes it's verified that Celestial Pegasus IS @Faiths_Guide's card. @thatguy2507 the Pegasus entry don't count. You have to submit new cards and the cards must be your own unless we change that rule down the road. But for now it don't count, sorry bout that.@Faiths_Guide I apologize about that, I favored your pegasus for the trouble.

    To clean up this mess, @thatguy2507 please create the Pegasus card you had entered for and please favorite the Pegasus by @Faiths_Guide as a sign of good cardsmithmanship. Ill still give you 2 faves of your choice for your own troubles but you gotta let me know what you want me to favorite.Since your creature request was already honored by @Ranshi922 since you are resubmitting a Pegasus you don't get to request for a new creature to be made UNLESS you make the recent request before someone else beats ya to it, which is currently a moonfolk rogue.
  • @sorinjace, I am what on Kalasesh is called a quicksmither. (Maybe why I mostly suck) and sorry for doing something so difficult.
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