Send to Sleep Rulings?

I'm currently in a heated debate with a friend over the card Send to Sleep of all things. We're arguing over how long the creatures stay tapped if Spell Mastery is applicable.


My argument is that it effectively perma-taps due to the fact that it specifies "untap steps" as in more than one untap step. take a look at it, that wording is plural, and it's that way on the oracle text, too.

His argument is that the rulings section refers to the untap step(s) in the single form, and so we've been locked in a debate ever since, with me bringing up Chilling Grasp, a card that does the exact same thing but doesn't have the untap step(s) in the plural form, ( ) and him making the valid point of no one really using it, and if it perma-tapped it would've been used all over the place.

Anyone mind helping to settle this dispute?


  • It taps for only a single untap step. The steps clarification is just because of the possibility of multiple controllers.
  • It's do to a redesign on wording. Notice the other card assumes only one controller.
  • The way you can tell is that it does refer to multiple untap steps, but that's because it mentions multiple controllers while Chilling Grasp only mentions one (controllers' vs. controller's)
  • Gotcha. I'll let him know and thanks for the clarification from both of you!
  • I agree as well! The "steps" wording gets confusing if you just focus on that, but as a whole the word "steps" makes sense given the possibility of multiple controllers
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