What are your favourite types of contests/challenges? (Closed)

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Hello fellow cardsmiths, I am wondering what kinds of contests you like, so I know what contest I should run next.

If you're interested in posting some feedback and ideas, please post in the comments here as I'd like to see your suggestions.

I'll also make some suggestions to see what the community thinks.

Happy smithing! :)


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    Here are some ideas I came up with.

    Contest Ideas:
    1) Artifact/enchantment tribal challenge.
    1B) Artifact/enchantment commanders contest.
    2) Modnation675 custom mechanics challenge.
    3) Custom mechanic spotlight challenge.
    4) Underrated tribal types challenge.
    5) Artwork challenge.

    That's all I can think of off the top of thy head so as to speak.
  • @modnation675
    I'm glad you're back!
    Here's how I rank what you came up with, best to worst:
    1- 1) Artifact/enchantment tribal challenge.
    2- 4) Underrated tribal types challenge.
    3- 3) Custom mechanic spotlight challenge.
    4- 2) Modnation675 custom mechanics challenge.
    5- 5) Artwork challenge.
    6- 1B) Artifact/enchantment commanders contest.

    We really don't need another EDH-centric challenge.
  • @KrampisZman
    Glad to see ya. It's been a while.

    I didn't think people would want EDH for a while, but I had to mention it because it's our favourite format.
  • I like challenges that are somewhat open ended because the greatest variety in entries happen that way, but at the same time I like ones that force people to think in a more creative way, if that makes sense.
  • 1- 4) Underrated tribal types challenge.
    2- 3) Custom mechanic spotlight challenge.
    3- 1) Artifact/enchantment tribal challenge.
    4- 2) Modnation675 custom mechanics challenge.
    5- 5) Artwork challenge.
    6- 1B) Artifact/enchantment commanders contest.
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    @Teacup @Lujikul @KrampisZman
    I'm gonna write a description below and tell us if you like the contest idea. (Custom mechanic spotlight challenge!)

    Due to community input I've decided to run a challenge in which each cardsmith posts a card using another cardsmith's custom mechanic. Then posts a link to one of the smith's cards using the mechanic.

    Additional details would be added of course. But this is just a brief overview!
  • Unless people prefer underrated tribal of course! Then please leave a comment as well.
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    @modnation675 How about underrated tribal using a list of cardsmith mechanics/keywords they suggest? They can suggest their own or other cardsmiths or both, and you pick the ones you would like in the contest. I would also scour the mechanics encyclopedia and find some good ones there too just to add more flavor to the contest, you could probably have example cards made as well either by you or just use cards created by the mechanics creator themselves for the examples.
  • @sorinjace
    That sounds like an excellent idea. I think I'll use the mechanix encyclopedia as reference.

    Of course people can post new keywords to the mechanix encyclopedia and use them.

    Also, sorinjace did you already sell your cards for premium?
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    @modnation675 I didn't get much but yeah I got $5.00bucks (I guess black market dropped in price, huh. Get it, black market? Eh... Yeah. Thank you thank you and now for my next joke...

    No but really I was hoping to get more, but eh its ok I guess. They wouldn't even take my jace the living guildpact, that surprised me. They took cards like my eldrazi monument, black market, etc.
  • They only give you 40% of what they sell for for cards at gaming stores.
  • @sorinjace
    Yeah, I like trading cards with friends. Except our friends love stealing value so that's a risk.

    Sorry for being offline for a bit, I was playing games with our father. I meant to be online to see your response.
  • @modnation675 Ah its OK its cool you got time to spend with your father. I'm glad you came back though!
  • @sorinjace
    I'm gonna send a private message to you in a bit.
  • OK I'm bout to fall asleep if I do b4 u send it I'll try to get back to u asap
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    Sorry about that, I got distracted for a while playing our father. I'll message you for when you get up tomorrow!
  • I like numbers 2) and 3). Also I think number 5) assuming you mean that the challenge would be everyone would design a card around a single piece of art
  • I always appreciate Commander contests, but I have a soft spot for simple cards. What about a contest focused on creating signpost uncommons?
  • @Temurzoa I like that idea... Maybe you could run that! :)
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    I like the artwork challenge (if it is custom original artwork that is), but such a challenge would require more time. If it means that everyone has to use the same art from among a few options, I do not like that type of contest.

    [However, my opinion is different if you are merely naming a prolific artist with an MtG "related" style.]
  • Thanks for the feedback, I may host a third contest alongside the community reccommended underrated tribal challenge.
  • Hm. Personally I love either off-track challenges, ones that are interesting yet more loosely based around MTG, as opposed to directly, like creature-specific challenges. Other than those, story challenges. Whether you give a story as card backstory or we make stories with cards, I simply adore these kinds of challenges.
  • Thanks for the feedback. I'll be doing an additional contest coming up so I'll try to implement that feedback.
  • I'm into anything but commander since I've never played it before
  • @saveria201 wow you've never played commander? That's my playgroup's main format. We are broke so we don't go to the tournaments unless its for a prerelease for a new set coming out.
  • you can save a ton of money playing commander. you only need 1 copy of a card in a commander deck (normally, anyways.)
  • @sorinjace
    Yeah, we only play commander. Which is why we still had to post it as an option.
  • @modnation675 in fact we are all stoked about the new commander decks coming out, we want all of them! I especially want the bant colored merfolk I've been wanting one to build a tribal merfolk commander deck ever since I switched my playstyle to commander (so about 2 years now).
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