New Voltron Commander

I'm new to here, this will be my first discussion post. I like to create cards (mostly commander) of unsung heroes, keeping it balanced, realistic, and respectable for its cost, as well as keeping the flavor true to the card.


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    the second one is overly complicated. you should just make it a Legendary Enchantment Artifact - Equipment and then treat it like an equipment. It's also pretty damn OP only taking 3 mana to equip a legendary to make it regenerate? brb making lyra gods. if it's meant to only buff the one character for voltron, there's no need for the equip (3).
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    Thx for the input... With that one, I was just trying something different and new. The sword was mostly for flavor. I would have to both agree and disagree about its complication. Alot of people may not get that. Personally, I've found alot of cards are too simple these days.
    It is an aura and an equipment. It gets the benefits of being an enchantment, yet doesn't leave the battlefield when enchanted creature is sent to the graveyard. The equip costs do seem cheap for a Flickerform that doesn't leave the battlefield. For such a small price, it does seem like cheating, I didnt really wanna do it, but I had to go equip 0 for Asha, i mean, it is "her" sword. All in all, i did think that the sword wouldn't go over that well, but I had to defend my reasons.
    Thanks for the input though, I do agree on a certain level. Editing will probably take place.
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