Underrated tribal appreciation challenge - Updated rules (Closed)

Hello fellow cardmsiths, today we're bringing back a classic challenge with a twist. It's time to show some appreciation for underrated tribal creature types.

Edit: I know what you're thinking, "What is the twist?". The twist is you have to use at least one mechanic from another cardsmith, then post the name of the cardsmith whose mechanic you've used.

Major Note: If you don't know the original mechanic's creator just use the name you found it from. Then state so.

Here's an alternate resource if you're having trouble finding a mechanic and/or creature type.
Mechanics Encyclopedia For All: http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/225/mechanic-encyclopedia-for-all#latest
MTG Creature Types: https://mtg.gamepedia.com/Creature_type


The contest due date will be the end of August 7th, 2018. Whereas the entries will be judged within 3 days, but likely sooner. Keep in mind we're lenient in regards to late entries, just leave us a message if possible.

Current Prizes:
The top two cards' creators will each get the following...
- 1 month of premium subscription.
- 3 favorites of your choice.
B) The card with the best art that didn't win first place will get the following...
- 1 month of premium subscription.
- 2 favorites of your choice.

Rules: (Make sure to glance over these!)
1) Card must have an underrated tribal creature type.
2) Card must have a tribal benefit.
3) Card must use a mechanic by another cardsmith.
4) For each card, you must post the name of the cardsmith who made the shared mechanic.
5) You may make up to three cards.
6) Cards can be edited as long as the due date hasn't passed.
7) Cards can be switched out as long as the due date hasn't passed.
8) Cards can't be made before the 30th of July.
9) Make sure to credit the creator of the artwork on your cards.

For help on posting images/links, look at this guide!
Brief guide to uploading linked pictures/images in comments! (W/ Visual Aid)
Please post linked images if possible? (Not required.)


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    Mechanics can be either keywords, action keywords, or a named ability with a condition.

    [creature] explores
    Delirium - As long as you have four or more card types among cards in your graveyard, [creature] has trample.
  • Typo in rules. Will fix shortly!
  • @modnation675

    Does the have to have a tribal reward, or just have the creature type?
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    A new Izzet mechanic derived and renamed (with permission) from r/custommagic. Weird.


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    The ability, antagonism for X, by @TenebrisNemo on a card supporting the often overlooked skeletons. Poor guys are overshadowed by zombies, though with good reasons I suppose. (Meaning he of course made the Hunter of Demons, and I woke up the graveyard)
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    Edit - COMPLETELY forgot the tribal aspect. I'll put something here later.

  • No worries, there's plenty of time.
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    Yes, if you mention the card and the user that you used at least one mechanic from.

    But I'd recommend being careful of artwork choices, as you could win the artwork award.
  • I have no idea who's mechanics those belong to. It's kinda hard navigating on my phone. But that was for fun anyways.
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    No worries, just check out this resource for abilities. It makes it easier to find for you.
    Mechanics Encyclopedia For All
  • @modnation675
    @bnew07 and I want to know if our cards need some kind of tribal reward. (Such as "Dwarf creatures you control get +1/+1.")

    Also finding cards that use custom mechanics posted to Encyclopedia is really hard. Maybe it doesn't have to be a requirement? I do it sometimes for TheMechanix, but some cards were deleted, and some people didn't even make cards with mechanics they posted there.
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    @Tomigon @bnew07
    Yes, but they don't have to be that obvious. If you find something more interesting, props to you for adding it.

    They don't have to be from there. It's just an alternate resource for people who can't find a mechanic.

    If you don't know the original mechanic's creator just use the name you found it from. Then state so.
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    Major Update to rules:
    There is no longer a requirement to post another card from the original cardsmith using the mechanic. This change has been made to address some issues with people having challenges entering.

    This has been updated in the contest rules and description.
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    @Teacup @Temurzoa
    Each of your first entries don't have a tribal benefit. Hence they're only able to win the artwork award.

    Sorry about this, someone reminded us of the inconsistency. But we do like the cards!
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    Yes, double faced cards count as a single card.

    Interesting card by the way.
  • @modnation675

    Btw, I found a list of creature types and the amount from @TigerFang8's old thread. It is only up to Ixalan, but it maybe useful. http://www.smileylich.com/mtg/magocracy/Magocracy_C1.html
  • @Tomigon
    Thanks, that will help for those that need resources.
  • @Tomigon
    Ooh, you picked the complex version and made it even more complex!
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    I never make things unnecessarily complex. I just wanted to correct the wording. And I tried not to make a big change to the mechanic even if I wanted to. (I think "This creature can't be the target of spells or abilities you control" part could be "This creature can't be sacrificed". )

    Original said "If heads", but "If the coin comes up with heads" is correct.
    The text became longer, so I made the last part say "tap this creature" instead of "this creature can't attack". I think it's better because you can't use it as a blocker no matter what. The only thing I'm not sure is "this turn if able" part. I thought it sounds more natural if it said so.

    Do you have a simpler version of that mechanic? I'm going to use this in mechanix challenge 31 or 32.
  • I think it should simply be:
    (This creature can’t be the target of spells or abilities you control and can’t be sacrificed.)

    In gameplay, those two pieces are very different, sacrficing could be an additional cost and not care that the creature can’t be targeted by you, while the untargetability makes the creature almost impossible to save, unpumpable, etc.

    My idea of the creature deciding for itself who to attack and when was interesting but too complex, it should probably be simplified to “must attack and block each turn if able” if it is left in at all. You kept my older wording but just made it wordier, which I tried to avoid in a clear way. If it is extended, it is best to be removed.
  • @Faiths_Guide
    I didn't make it wordier. I fixed the wording.

    My idea is removing "This creature can’t be the target of spells or abilities you control" part. I think it's ok to give a sword to a creature you can't fully trust, or cast Lightning Bolt to that creature.

    So you don't want to share the old version? If so I'll retract my entry and remove it from the list of TheMechanix.
  • image
    Mechanic - "Wild" by @ningyounk
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    I'm not that big a fan of some of your "fixes" this time around (though that's not normally the case).

    I understand your choices, I think my mechanic is sub-par for lengthiness.

    This is the old version:
    (This creature can’t be the target of spells or abilities you control.)
    I called it "reverse hexproof" originally and it was keyworded "surgebane" at the time.
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    I didn't like to make the text longer neither. But I always want to correct wordings if they are wrong or outdated.

    Sorry, I don't enjoy "This creature can’t be the target of spells or abilities you control." part so much.

    I retracted my entry because both of us are not happy with that mechanic.
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    I like "reverse hexproof" but not so much for "leaderless" as we've said.

    I think my new leaderless ability would be this:
    Leaderless (This creature can't block and attacks an opponent chosen at random each turn if able.)

    I was going for something along the lines of Ruhan, whose flavor text speaks of being leaderless.

    Surgebane needs a new name...

    Reclusive (This creature can’t be the target of spells or abilities you control and can't be sacrificed.)

    Adding back "Can't sacrifice" seems like a good way to go here.
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