Spice it Up (Closed)

This contest will be simple.

Take a card with no rules text and add rules text to it.

Like this:
Yar-Kul was transformed into a maggot then eaten by a frog wich swelled with the spirit to become Yargle. Hence, the alternate cost.

Use the flavor text to create the rules text. You can't change the name, mana cost, color IDENTITY, supertype, or subtype. Only change rarity and/or P/T if needed to balance. Please use original art.

Post the image of the original next to the card with rules text. And explain the connection between the flavor text and the rules text.

Cards will be judged by how much the rule text fits with the card and the flavor text.

1st: card favored, a follow, and another favorite of their choice
2nd: card favored, and another favorite of their choice
3rd: card is favored

Will close by 8/30/18


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