Do you have any cards that are personal and cover sensitive topics? I'd like to see them!

Hello fellow cardsmiths, we're wondering if any of you have cards covering sensitive topics that you'd like to share or even cards just personal to you that share sensitive subject matter. We have a fascination with the sensitive topics of life and want to share some cards based on those topics.

To start us off, we'll be posting a card that covers borderline personality disorder as we have a fascination with psychology. But we'll be posting more cards here as well. In addition, we'll be recreating some of our more sensitive topic cards to post here as they resonate with us a lot.

Here we go to start!


Solemn smithing everyone!


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    If anyone is interested in any of others' cards feel free to ask questions.

    If this thread doesn't gain some entries, I'll either add some prizes or close it at a later date. Depending on your interest!

    Edit: To bump this discussion over the next few days, we'll be posting quotes and/or artwork.
  • I was just asking faiths if he could illustrate something for me and I honestly was getting mixed messages as to whether or not he will do it. Regardless I will.
  • I understand one of them I have a suspicion for the others, could you explain
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    Sorry in advance if these are too dark for this site. As we design cards that we can relate to in a way, whether we've been in the situation or not.

    The first card is about a multiple personality disorder. In which multiple people exist in the same body so as to speak. Often caused by traumatic events.

    The second card is about an abusive orphanage with a cruel twist of a name. As shown on the sign in the artwork.

    The last card is a girl sitting in the suicide ward, stuck in her own world.
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    "I could feel it coming back. I didn't know was I built to last. I know you think you could do two. I know you think you feel it's true. It's the little things in life that I feel."
    - The Little Things by Big Gigantic

    A more hopeful quote to say the least, as the first one I got was from the game Dishonored.
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    Minor Announcment:
    We'll be posting a more positive version of this thread covering personal cards as well. If this thread is a little too grim for some of you.

    It'll be similar to one of our older threads and we'll post the link here when it's ready!
  • I made this card a while back.
    I am very much into tragedies myself in stories such as movies and games but also music and books.


    The true backstory of this card is the suicide of a young girl but was written to make it more convoluted as it could as well be someone dying of sickness. The last sentence indicating that the girl is no longer alone as death embraces her.
  • @Jonteman93
    Sounds beautiful in a way, yet sad.

    Glad to see an entry to this discussion. I wasn't sure if I'd get any on the less uplifting one of the polar opposite discussions.
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    image image

    Heya! Came from the parallel optimistic contest! Here are two cards I did way back that express how I viewed my thoughts on depression at the time.
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    Thanks so much for joining both our threads. I like Dim Delusions a lot!
  • Phenomenal entries everybody. I'm glad this discussion is doing well!
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  • They go in order of mana cost.
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    This card was made with anxiety disorders in mind.

    Heightened Anxiety
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    Inspiration: PALE FLESH by Crystal Castles

    Here's one of our own, which we'll add to the above area later. Inspired by those restless nights where you stay up too long and get delusional.

  • After 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, I and my friends couldn't use electricity for about two weeks, so we started playing cube draft multiplayer game instead of video games. The news that came from radio were always depressing, so we put some fun group hug cards like Prosperity, Rites of Flourishing, Twilight's Call in our cube and laughed.

    I still remember that time sometimes and make me want to make these kind of cards.
  • @Tomigon
    Hopefully your home wasn't damaged in the earthquake and tsunami then. That is always scary to experience structures breaking.
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    Luckily my home wasn't damaged so badly. Thanks:)
    Yeah, I thought our planet was going to explode.
  • The 1 mana one represents the death of my parents at a young age.

    The 2 Mana one represents my social akwardness and depression that was caused by their death. Because of this I had little to no friends throughout elementary and most of middle School.

    And the 3 mana represents my current mind state. I have been dealing with depression for years and it hasn't gotten better. It has caused me to do lot of things that I regret. Over time it has developed into a sort of insanity. I hear voices and thus require constant stimulation or I start doing really bad things. Though all of this has and is happening from what I have heard some people(Namely @sorinjace. Bless you.) Have it much worse than I do. I wish you all the best of luck in whatever troubles you may have.

    The Hydra King
  • @bobman111
    Thank you for sharing, that's what I'm looking for in this thread. Mainly to get to know things about other cardsmiths.
  • @modnation675, thats what I thought. I also have no problems with things being dark as I have something of a dark past.
  • I have quite a few cards that could fit into both the optimistic and sensitive contests, most of my cards ive created have hidden messages or inside jokes.
  • Glad to hear as we like hidden messages.

    The Tale of the Three Brothers (HD)
  • Ill give you guys a couple:


    This one wasn't a hidden message at all, but it definitely fits this contest. I made it for all my lost friends and family that have died. Trust me when I say this, that list is long. I also applied it to be general for everyone, so that everyone can relate to this card in some way that have lost someone. I felt the body language of the guy in this cards art mourning the loss of a loved one felt strong, so I just went with it.
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