So I wanna make some Commander decks.

I want to make some fake commander pre-cons using primarily newly smithed cards and finding new art for any reprints. I'm going to make five. What colors and/or themes do you guys think would be interesting? This has me kinds stumped.


  • 4 color commanders
  • all the 4 color combinations
  • i can make some
  • @Bobman111 I'd like to do three colors at most. I'm more so looking for themes to build around that are new.
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    Check out this revamped card we made. It might inspire some ideas.

    We took community feedback and removed the memory issues.

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    Have you decided on whether you'd be doing 3 colors? (What have you decided on?)
  • Allied colors ^^ seeing as wizards hasn’t done it yet
  • @Doctorfro @Modnation675 I've decided on shards with a focus on the multiplayer politics of Commander.

    Grixis will be about turning the others against each other
    Jund will be about turning the other players on board resources against them
    Naya will be giving boons and curses based on the opponents commanders
    Esper will be stealing other players spells and strategies
    Bant will be a group hug style deck

    What do you think? I've already started work on them although it's not much.
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    Here's some cards for Esper.

    (Removed due to updating with the new border!)

    Deviate (Exile that card face down. You may look at and/or play that card for as long as it remains exiled. If you don't own that card, you may spend mana as though it were mana of any type to cast it.)
  • I think it is all good but Bant should be more evil to fit the theme of the other 4
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