Action keyword challenge (Judged)

Hello fellow cardsmiths, I'm holding a flash challenge that will last three days. This challenge will be about designing your own custom action keywords. (Aka. Keyword action)

What is an action keyword? Here's an explanation.

Examples include attach, clash, exert, manifest, regenerate.

The contest due date will be the end of August 8th, 2018. Whereas the entries will be judged within 3 days, but likely sooner. Keep in mind we're lenient in regards to late entries, just leave us a message if possible.

Current Prizes:
The top card's creators will get the following...
- 1 month of premium subscription.
- 3 favorites of your choice.
B) The next top two cards' creators will each get the following...
- 2 favorites of your choice.

Rules: (Make sure to glance over these!)
1) Card must have a custom action keyword. (Aka. Keyword action)
5) You may make up to three cards.
6) Cards can be edited as long as the due date hasn't passed.
7) Cards can be switched out as long as the due date hasn't passed.
8) Cards can't be made before the 5th of August.
9) Make sure to credit the creator of the artwork on your cards.

For help on posting images/links, look at this guide!
Brief guide to uploading linked pictures/images in comments! (W/ Visual Aid)


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