Survival Isle Sneak Peek

This is an official sneak peek at my next upcoming contest: Survival Isle!
Survival Isle is a contest in which 10-12 contestants test there survival skills on a singular island filled with creatures from all over the multiverse. Your contestant must craft weapons and tools and gather food, while battling the elements and beat the other contestants to the center of the island. If you have any questions after reading this, feel free to ask! I’ll be happy to help, but the contest starts on Friday!


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    Can I make a legendary Eldrazi titan as a contestant that solos the whole island in an instant?
  • Hah, lol.
    No, that will be one character restriction: it has to be a balanced character. So no wurms, hydras, dragons, or powerful beasties. Only balanced humanoids.
  • Another is that your character should not be legendary. It should have cmc 3, one keyword that reflects their main weapon (if they use one) and an activated ability that represents any ability they have and finally, balanced power and toughness.
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    What about Cats, I'd like to have Mittens join. JK!

    Most powerful planeswalker in the infinitesmal multi-verses?

  • Are you asking if you can enter a character who is the most powerful planeswalker?
  • @baryonyx69
    Yes, that is correct.
  • Oh, ok. Well, no. Your contestant must be a non-legendary creature. The rest of the character rules are listed above, and I’ll go over them again on Friday when I post the actual contest. This is just a q&a so potential players know what they’ll need for their characters and what to expect in the contest.
  • NOOoo, Mittens don't leave me! XD
  • Will you pick 10-12 contestants out of all that enter?
  • Most likely the first 10-12, yes
  • Sorry I haven’t started the actual contest yet, school has been a bit more hectic than I expected. Hopefully I will be able to start it this Sunday.
  • So how they suppose to survive? As in gather food and all that?
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