"Back in the Saddle Again" (Not a pun, just a McCree quote that I like)

Further probably unwarranted explanation just to make sure that was understood:
The phrase "back in the saddle again" is a McCree quote from Overwatch when he respawns. I was just using it bc I like the quote and I am getting back into something fun but a bit of an ordeal. Capiche. Ok. Let's proceed.

I am FINALLY getting back to my phobia research after promising myself that I would for so long (just about the whole summer) and there are some roadblocks that I am facing. Nothing to do with the research, as it is working out surprisingly well. No. I need help from YOU, the cardsmith community with what you all do best. Making awesome cards!

There are a few phobias that I have lined up that I just can't think of anything good for. I am also determined to stay as far away from the -X/-X format that was my basic format. So if you wouldn't mind, Please help with some phobias and I will personally thank you here and on my blog, as well as suggesting that readers follow you on CS! How does that sound?

If anybody has anymore ideas as to be incentives for helping out, feel free to tell me and I will certainly consider and if they aren't unreasonable like membership, I will likely provide.

(I'm just trying to psyche you up to help me... is it working?)

I just realized something that might be a misconception. I am not asking for you to fully produce the cards I need help with, just to tell me that I am stupid for not thinking of your great ideas for them. XD


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    You know it isn't a good thing, making people afraid with phobia cards....just maybe encourage them to be tastefully done if possible? Particularly phobias involving images of what makes people uncomfortable. I couldn't bear to look at the front page of the site the last time a ton of these phobia cards were being made....
  • I am needing some help with
    Anemophobia: Fear of drafts and wind
    Anglophobia: Fear or hatred of England or the English
    Antlophobia - Fear of flooding
    (That's it for now, but more will surely come.)
  • @saveria, lol. I didn't mean that literally, just as a sort of... I actually don't know what I was trying to say there, but it most certainly wasn't that.
  • @saveria201, I just removed that bit.
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    @Ranshi922 I didn't think you were trying to be insensitive, it's just as an example...fear of holes...and seeing people actually make a card featuring a TON of holes....can make some (me for example) actually sick to their stomach. It's a very cool idea you have I'm not discouraging their creation just people...be tasteful.
  • I didn't mean to be insensitive, I simply have been avoiding my research for too long and am running into some roadblocks with card effects. So... I hope that alleviated any concerns of my intent and cleared things up.
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    Forget I said anything. Make whatever you people want. I don't care.
  • @saveria201, we shouldn’t forget that point. It’s very true that people need to be more sensitive in general.
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