Beat the Heat ~ make a lifegain/damage prevention effect card (RESULTS POSTED)

For this contest, I'd like you to make a card that potentially would stop a player from losing a game when they likely would. As in ~ make a card that either gains life or creates a damage prevention effect, or a card in any way that would stop a damage dealing spell when it resolves or an attacking creature from killing you at end of combat by bringing your life total down to zero.

Perhaps like these:


1. Entries can be any card type but must work in the context of stopping a player from potentially losing a game
2. New cards only. As in, all entries must have been made by August 8th.
3. Up to two entries per participant.
4. Formatting, flavor, balance, templating, proper grammar all matter and will affect your chances of winning!

1st place: PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION, and 5 favorites of your choice!!!!!
2nd place: 4 favorites of your choice!!!!
3rd place: 3 favorites of your choice!!!
Honorable mentions (2): 1 favorite of your choice!

Contest ends Friday, August 24th at midnight, Japan Standard Time.

Good luck and have fun!!


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