Back to School Contest

Welcome Students, to my 23rd contest, Back to School!


This contest was influenced by most of our fellow cardsmith's returning to school since summer is coming closer to it's end. For a lot of cardsmiths, that means their new school year is beginning. Well, that gave me the idea for this contest.




Notice any similarities with these cards? They all have something in common with each other: Words relating to school.

That is what this contest is about! Create a card of any kind with a word in it's card name that could be related to school, but believable as a magic the gathering card!

Here I even made two example cards to help get the juices flowing:


Here are the Rules, Students!

1.) Cards Must have a word within the name of the card that could easily be related to school. Offensive cards from students will not count, it could get reported to Principal Corwinnn.image No funny stuff in the class, students!
2.) Speaking of which, cards don't always have to be serious. You can make uncards, funny cards, etc. as well so long as they relate to the theme of the contest, and they also can be of any type as well!
3.) Now now, students, I need to know the artists name you used for your cards. Yes this counts towards your 'grades' in the class! We can't have plagiarism be an issue, can we? :)
4.) No chewing gum, i'm lookin' at you, @Corwinnn! (blasted Squirrels... who let them in the classroom, anyways?)
5.) No limit on the amount of cards you enter in this contest. Have fun!
6.) Entries can be old or new. However, newer cards are preferred!
7.) The deadline for this contest will be end of the day, September 1st 2018, est USA (unless otherwise changed)

Here are the rewards for the students that did their projects well!

3rd place will receive 3 favorites of their choice and will have their name forever engraved in the hall of fame and on a trophy!

2nd place will receive 4 favorites of their choice and will have their name forever engraved in the hall of fame and on a trophy!

1st place will receive 5 favorites of their choice and will have their name forever engraved in the hall of fame and on a trophy!
Oh, and one other prize...

1 month of premium for free to the 1st place winner! (If the winner wants to gift it to another cardsmith, that is at their discretion, just let me know who!)

Lets see what you guys got, and remember, no brown nosing the teacher, unless you got honey buns. Happy cardsmithing! :) -sj


  • So how many honey buns gets automatic 1st place?
  • @Jfoster90 do we need to send you to the principals office already? :)
  • @sorinjace, I’m going to let you know that I’m the student who looks like they’re not paying attention but are really absorbing everything. Comes with ADHD. My study hall teacher also mentioned it to me last year that I’m always listening, so things might seem principal worthy, but rest assured they aren’t. XD
  • @Ranshi922 Lol. let's see what kind of cards you can come up with! This contest is like a breath of fresh air for me, coming hot off the trail of two of my other contests closing, and my go fetch is wrapping up in a few days too. I'm hoping it'll be a fun one for you guys.
  • Ok. When I am done writing down over the 175 spells I will check it out.
  • A couple of teachers for the class!
    image image
  • @Faiths_Guide I actually have been off the computer most of the day, and I have been thinking about your misinformed teacher card off and on, I couldn't remember if you had put the word 'may' in the rules text and I was going "man that would change my view on this card if it didn't say may and it forced you to draw then discard." Im actually glad it says may.

    sorry for the rant. also, I guess that this counts as an early bump?
  • image

    I love Tiefling's to death, and this one looked like they were focusing. So... well, I decided everyone needs to focus sometime. Whether for test or taking control of someone else mind.
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  • Who is ready to get schooled? Honestly I don’t think I’m going to win, but I just got resist that painfully obvious pun opening.
  • @Ranshi922 you have to enter a card to even have a chance to win, first of all.
  • I am aware, but remember what I am to do. My tome... ****ing of course I thought, it won't take too long, it won't make your wrists hurt. But I also am having some creative block and looking at everything I already made does provide a little bit of creative inspiration.
  • Remember how I said I was having a creativity block? Well that terminology led me to the word Burnout, which is what can happen if you overwork yourself for an extended period of time. So here is what happens to me every time when I put off my work until a sunday afternoon:
  • I have a literature savant:

    Don't know how to insert image tried everything...
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    @Skyrpt, usually goes for < img src="url of image" width="40%" > without the spaces. To get the url, right click on said image and choose 'Copy Image Location'.

    And now, if we could get a working teacher in these parts...

  • @JoeMoose hey that's pretty good! That whip cracking sound mightve woke @Ranshi922 up from sleeping in class for being so burned out lol.
  • @sorinjace, so that’s why I woke up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason! =o
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    First Entry =D


    That was quite interesting because I had to come up with game terms defining the action of discarding due to hand size at the end of turn, since I couldn't find a single card that mentioned this action and the comprehensive rules had no quick text I could copy paste ^^ Note that this technically doesn't work since what it refers doesn't exist yet, so this is in a world where the rules had to be adjusted so we can reference that on a card x)
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    @Ranshi922 yup that was it! :)

    @ningyounk the idea behind your card is very convenient!
  • i just give up
  • @Skyrpt, if you still dont get it by the next time I’m on I will set up an image for you!
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    @Ranshi922, Thanks for the offer to put my cards up but i'll try to do it on my own.
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