Zozalan, a Realm Divided

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So I had this idea for a while, and finally started to work on it. While it isn't a full fleshed out set yet, I plan to make it fully fleshed out and even have a secondary and a third set following it to finish my story I have for this. Currently I need to get art for it all, at least for my special characters who need their own unique art. Other wise, the cards will be entering into the MTG card smith slowly and surely. I do have a Google docs with the basics if people want to check it out.


Please give advice and I will update on my progress.

Edit: I am also going to be writing a story based in this Plane, following one of the planes-walkers to help with hype for the set (hopefully). I want to eventually try making this a real thing for my game shop at the least, in a sense of custom made packs and everything if I can get it to be popular, and balanced. The planes walker that is going to be the main character hasn't been decided but I do have an Idea for one.


  • Okay, so I only see one major issue at the outset of this set, which is that the colors are unbalanced. The vast, vast majority of the sets have the same number of cards in each color in the same distribution of rarities (e.g. Every color in Kaladesh had 16 commons, 11 uncommons, 6 rares, and 2 mythic rares). Right now, your factions neglect Black entirely and all three of them contain blue, meaning the set would likely contain little black and lots of blue. What I'd reccomend doing is either five three color factions (e.g. Alara or Khans of Tarkir) or just get rid of assigning specific colors to the factions and just have the story be based around them with each faction getting a specific mechanic or two (e.g. Ixalan).

    Otherwise, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this comes out! I'm a huge fan of custom set design and it's always good to see such an ambitious undertaking!
  • I agree with Arceus! It is unbalanced but a great concept. I can say from experience that trying to flesh out a set to be able to be playable, is difficult and very ambitious, but if you are tenacious enough, I am certain that you will make this a stellar set!
  • Yeah I know, it is ambitious but I am working on it. I decided to do a color set up like in ixalan.
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