Edible Artifacts

In Magic, dragons and knights, vampires and zombies all use great swords, magic armor, powerful potions and spells. But one thing that is almost never touched upon is what they eat! Your job is to create those tasty morsels that Wizards of the Coast never did.
There are just a few constraints:

- Must be an artifact. It can be a colored artifact as seen in many Esper cards from Shards of Alara. Just make sure it is still an artifact.

- Must be balanced like a real Magic card. Try to make it realistic, but keep it fun.

Each contestant is limited to 2 cards.

There will be 3 winning cards, but only 1 card per contestant can win. There will also be 2 honourable mentions.

1st, 3 likes
2nd, 2 likes
3rd, 1 like

All entries are due August 25.

Good luck and have fun!


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    This goes with an artifact mechanic/type I have been brewing in my head for a while: Food. Comes with bite counters, and when they are no more counters, you exile the card. The other effects are your doing.


  • Oooo I like BOTH those cards!!
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    Cool! Here's one I made as a kid, but redone!


    I call it PBM at the end because Poisoned Blueberry Muffin is too long a name.
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    Oops. Something happened. Pretend it costs 2 generic and 1 black. Sorry about that. Also that it has the right frame.
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    My second entry!
  • These are all super cool! I love the idea of bite counters that many of you have latched onto. Keep them coming!
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