Is the word "battlefield" bugged in the editor?

I've noticed that whenever I put the word battlefield, the editor puts it in a new line even if there's still space to put the entire word. Here's an example: (I screenshot and hosted it because I wanted to keep editing the card for use)


You can see that there's enough space on the first line for the word battlefield and on the side, I didn't put it in a new line on its own. It just goes to a new line by itself.

Anyone else notice this?


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    As a contrast, here's the final card. I separated the words battle and field and it stayed on the line like it's supposed to.

  • @Corwinnn @mtgcardsmith
    We may need to revisit this.
  • @fiskerton - You're about 3 years or so late on this one!
    Yes, some of the larger words tend to get bumped down due to "Space Constraints" or buffers. MTGCardsmith has attempted to bump these out as much as possible without compromising the rest of the text box... thus the reason some other smaller words extend out past the border.

    This has lead to some creative wording in the past, trying to maximize the number of words we can properly fit into the text box!
  • Yes I have noticed this A LOT. Not sure what to do about it. It has sometimes made me completely redesign cards.
  • @murkletins - I believe it's mostly due to the kerning of the font that is used
  • @Corwinnn @mtgcardsmith
    May we implement the feature I suggested. Details below!

    Create a button in the editor that disables word wrapping.
  • Ah, battlefield. The word I like to use the least on this site. It plagued us back then, too. (sigh)
  • Oh nooo. I guess I'll just split the word up for now. Looks awkward either way.
  • If the word is in the border press enter in the space before the word and it makes it look mostly normal.
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