Story Time!

Hello! As none of you probably know, I like creating stories. Well, my latest story idea is one that includes all you guys! (Well, not all of you. But we'll get to that in a moment) It is basically about a inter-dimensional arena that takes beings from all over the multiverse to compete. That's where we get to you! I want you to submit a character for my story! (Preferably a card with art so that I know what they look like) Please say personality, quirks, strengths, weaknesses, specialties, and stuff like that.

Depending on how many people enter, that's how many will get in. Any under 10, you all get in. Any above 10, only the top 10 get in. I will mainly be judging on how compelling the character is, so presentation is key. And if I don't like your character, he/she will not get in, even if there are under 10. Basically, if you make it so that I actually want to write about this character, he/she will probably get in. If there are more than 10 like that, then I will pick the ones I think are coolest.

Characters can be planeswalkers or regular people. Literally nothing but the name and art on the card matters, so make it as overpowered as you want, I don't care about card balance in this one.

When I get done writing the story, I will post it in a new discussion, so keep an eye out for that one!

Well, good luck, have fun, and let the story begin!

P.S. Here's my set of characters that I already have for my story.


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    Sounds like a nice idea for a story. Hope that mine can make it:


    Personality: always calm and collected; only fights fair fights, even if he has to weaken himself; cares much about his honor; however he has no sympathy for anyone, no matter who they are; is merciless.
    Quirks: exceptional endurance; can amplify his physical and mental abilities; has an unbreakable sword.
    Strengths: unrivaled fighting abilities; sharp mind; fast reflexes; ruthless; never surrenders.
    Weaknesses: won't fight in an unfair fight, no matter who it is; if someone insults his honor; he stops thinking and just focuses on killing that person; never expects a backstab or mischievous trick since he thinks his opponents won't dishonor their fight; never surrenders.
  • @Vardrus OK! He looks cool! Can you write down a list of personality quirks, strengths, weaknesses, stuff like that, like it says in the rules. Also, thanks for giving me the correct link. I will fix that.
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