Been There Done That (Or have you?)

If you are unlike me, you have made mistakes. (Just kidding. I have made so so many mistakes.) But as people say, learn form your mistakes, which leads me to the premise of the contest:

Use images from Old Cards you made that you aren't proud of and make a great card with that image!

There are going to be two things that your entries will be judged on:
1. The improvement between cards
2. The quality of the new card (in concept and design)

I am judging purely based on my opinions, so please don't get butt-hurt and threaten to track me down. Okay?

1. What is meant by old card is a card made in the first half of the time you have been on cardsmith. (I have been here since late December of 2015, so that would mean about through late 2016-ish.) (Approximate)
2. Old cards must have had at least one notable error. (Mine have had multiple)
3. New Cards don't necessarily have to have the same concept.
4. New cards have to have been made after 8/1/18.
5. Have fun!

6. (I might have missed a few things, so the rules might have to change as needed...)

1st place: 5 Favorites
2nd place: 4 Favorites
3rd place: 3 Favorites

2 Honorable Mentions: 1 Favorite

This contest will be closed for entries after 8/22/18 7pm est time.

Happy Smithing Everyone!


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    Oof. I don't have anything from before 2015, so... I think this guy's close enough. I believe he's from mid-2016? If you've seen my Dropbox post on my (now obsolete) help discussion full of old, deleted cards, you'll notice the date is February of this year, but that is due to moving it from my OneDrive back and forth a few times.

    For those who don't want to pull up the Dropbox link, the original was pretty much the same but downshifted in rarity and the second ability was free instead of {b}{b}{b}. Many people liked it, but the more astute members of the community noted how busted it was, since you could drop a Viscera Seer on turn 1 for a 3/3, and other similar shenanigans.
  • I was saying that 2015 is when I was here
  • Also I was more looking to see the original card, then a new card or a rework of the old one that uses the same image
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    I only brought up 2015 since I started very early on in MTGCS' infancy, probably 2012. Maybe 2011, but I dunno if the site's existed that long. (Ringing @mtgcardsmith for clarification.) The half-point between 2012 and 2018 would be 2015, which is primarily why I rang it up.

    As for your second reply, I don't have the original on my profile, which is now on my Dropbox, as I said. I don't know how to upload the original since it's on said Dropbox and it's no longer on the MTGCS server. (Ringing @Corwinnn for assistance.)

    Edit : For now here's the link for those who want to see the original Vrux and anything else that happens to be in the folder.

    Edit 2: Spelling is hard. "half-pint"
  • @Damnation Bruin, Ravager Brute seems, "brutal" :)
  • 2015 is when the forum page was created. I am not sure when the regular site was made though.
  • Can you use cards that weren't made on Cardsmith? I have lots of older cards from when I was littler that are... not optimal.
  • I ask because my oldest card is from 2018, and I have been on here since 2016. I think my older cards were deleted.
  • Well if there are silly and humiliating errors then by all means
  • Tomorrow I will be showing some examples.
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    OK cool! I had some saved on my computer, and I found one that is hilariously bad. Just look at this monstrosity. (I had to recreate this on MTGCardsmith because I don't know how to put pictures from my computer into a post. If anyone knows, could you show me?)


    OK, First of all, there is no capitalization. Like, literally none. Then, you come to the mana cost. The 2 green are in front of the 4 generic. That's just wrong. Then, you see that there are no quotation marks around the ability of the equipment. Also, the wording on the equipment's ability makes it seem like it gives the creature Equip 3.

    If this seems too good to be legit, I promise that it is legit. Also, I just looked at the card again and saw that it was, in fact, made on MTG Cardsmith, made in 2016, the year I started. And, in case you somehow couldn't tell, the flavor text was not on the original card. In fact, I didn't even italicize the flavor text on most of my early cards.
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    Here's the good version.

  • The main site has been online since 2011, however user accounts came a few years later (along with the forums). It is rumored that @Corwinnn was creating custom cards by hand (wood + stone) as early as 1991 though.

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    Since our old account is @modnation675, may we post cards sharing artwork from cards on there?

    This account only started 6 days ago... XD
  • @mtgcardsmith, that is pretty funny and interesting. (The different adjectives describe different parts of what you said)

    @murkletins, being that you are the same person(s), I don't see why not!
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    The old one. Broken from top to bottom, don't think I need to point that out.

    The new one, some weird colorless necropotence. Probably also broken and abusable as the wrath of the mighty Corwinnn, but it's really weird.
  • @Sylux, watch your language or the wrath of the mighty Corwinnn my befall upon you!
  • This contest will need to have at least 6 entries total or I’m going to cancel and not award prizes
  • @Corwinnn, could you please close this... not enough people joined.
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