murkletins' custom flavor text (Just for fun!)

This is just a thread where I'll post flavor text, when I come up with it...



  • "You be the beast,
    Now come undo me!
    I believe in you,
    but you see right through me.
    When will you come unto thee?"
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    "Are you passing out like a light?
    Are you feeling scarred for life?
    Bad things can happen to someone,
    Wide awake on a lonely night!"
    - Ajin opening theme

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    "I am not the only traveller,
    who has not repaid his debt!
    I've been searching for a trail to follow again.
    Then I can tell myself to not ride along with you!"
  • "Tie us down, bend and kneel.
    Someday you'll feel what we feel.
    I'm reeling in a feeling,
    it's not very appealing.
    But a deal with the devil was made with you,
    and so you'll burn too."
  • @murtlekins that last one sounds like a song lyric but I can’t pkace where
  • Yeah, I made it up after listening to a bunch of songs.

    It was inspired by the subject of an abusive relationship. Not us personally though.
  • Oh okay that is good...some good inspirational songs can be found in BIlly Joel albums
  • Just the Way you are, Tell her about it, Pressure...the list goes on
  • I'll have to take a peek later. Just going online for a bit before I sleep.
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